Letter to the Editor: Keep dispensaries out of downtown Martinez

For ten years Martinez has been struggling with marijuana dispensaries. Wasting valuable time in futile efforts to locate the perfect area in Martinez for such a thing.

Areas where there are no schools, no hospitals, no churches, no youth centers or places of business which do not want such things. It’s a hard find because Martinez is a special place where all those kinds of things are held in very high esteem for the common good. A love for our community that is, indeed, a noble virtue.

Last Wednesday night, the City Council heard another staff presentation over new possibilities where dispensaries could possibly be located.

Later in September, the City Council will hear an appeal from the Planning Commission over what constitutes a youth center because the operator of a fitness center out in Martinez near Pacheco doesn’t want a dispensary near his fitness center which appeals to many age groups of people, most especially teens.

I don’t blame him! For my family and many of our friends we know where this game is headed. It’s aimed at Main Street and that cute little downtown place called Historic Old Martinez. It’s being rejuvenated and renewed as we speak. It has some momentum. It needs to be protected and allowed to grow like a beautiful garden.

For fifty years we had a redevelopment war and our garden couldn’t grow.

People need to speak up. No weeds in our garden. Those interested in the reformation of the old posse can contact me at tgreerty@aol.com.

– Tom Greerty

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