Letter to the Editor: Keep incumbents in Martinez

As a former Martinez city council member I know first-hand the difficult task faced by the city and level of perseverance it takes to improve and revitalize your community and how many factors enter into success.

Nothing happens overnight. No one person makes success happen. A ‘one and done’ art event does not change the trajectory of the community. Misrepresenting the facts such as the scheduled improvements to Golden Hills Park omits years of work by the Parks, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission, community and the city-staff and councilmembers. Measure H provided for the improvement of the library, pool and parks. A schedule was developed for all the projects and the issuance of debt to finance the work. No project was ever eliminated.

Please don’t fall for campaign rhetoric and continue moving Martinez forward. Re-elect Councilmembers McKillop, and DeLaney and Mayor Schroder.

– Janet Kennedy

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