Letter to the Editor: Support Martinez police officers by voting Yes on Measure X

| October 28, 2018 | 8 Comments

This November, the citizens of Martinez will be given the opportunity to partner and aid in sustaining the future of the Martinez Police Department by weighing in on Measure X. Measure X means securing retention of our current quality Martinez Police Officers as well as proactively recruiting future quality police personnel.

We know what is paramount to our community, and the quality of life issues our citizens face on a daily basis; the increasing homeless rate, property crimes, traffic concerns, and school safety among the most prevalent. Filling positions such as: school resource officer, community resource officer, traffic enforcement officer, as well as the possibility of putting a qualified investigator into one of several task force opportunities, would only solidify the security of the citizens of Martinez for years to come.

The Martinez Police Department has, for a long time, been on the lower end of Contra Costa County’s law enforcement pay spectrum. The passing of Measure X would help solidify and financially secure the Martinez Police Department for the prospective future. The projected revenue generated from the ½ cent sales tax increase is expected to help propel and strengthen the ability to be selective in replenishing the current Martinez Police Officer deficit. Additionally, it would provide the department with the strength and talent to fill much needed specialty assignments which are currently vacant.

The passing of Measure X means stabilizing the current tumultuous conditions within the department resulting in many officers and administrators working extended hours for multiple days, as well as reporting for duty on what would otherwise be the officer’s day off. This stabilizing measure would aid in reducing officer fatigue, improve morale, and increase time with their families.

The Martinez Police Department and its employees want to continue to provide the quality level of service the city has grown accustomed to. In addition, we would like the opportunity to provide new progressively proactive special enforcement. Passing Measure X will mobilize the police department and give us the fiscal resources needed to provide exceptional service to our citizens.

The members of the Martinez Police Officers Association remain proudly dedicated to serving the city of Martinez. We welcome your support and passing of Measure X in November.

Tom Breinig
Martinez Police Officers Association President

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