Letter to the Editor: Why I’m supporting Measure X

I was part of the Citizens for Measure H, a $30,000,000 bond that the citizens of Martinez approved to rebuild our pool, upgrade our library, and renovate our parks. One of the concerns was that once this work was accomplished, would the city be able to provide proper maintenance. When serving on the Park, Recreation, Marina, and Cultural Commission I spoke with our maintenance crews and heard the same concerns echoed.

It is vitally important that Measure X is passed, otherwise we will have wasted $30,000,000. Keep our library up-to-date, our pool pristine, and our parks maintained.

– Measure X will provide the funding for proper maintenance of the Measure H projects.

– Measure X will allow the city to provide our Police Department with the additional funds needed to keep our city safe.

– Measure X will have a sunset clause of 15 years.

– Measure X will have a citizen’s oversiight committee to ensure proper utilization of the funds.

Do I love additional taxes, NO. Do I love Martinez, YES. Support Measure X.

– Gay Gerlack

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  1. I like this measure because it is a sales tax, so everyone pays, not just a property tax hit. My understanding, and no I haven’t read it myself, is that it goes to the general fund which is dangerous, I think it needs to be very clearly specified where the money is going to go so it has no chance of being diverted to ANYTHING other than what it is intended for.

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