Check facts before voting on Measures

As a counterpoint to Debbie McKillop’s letter to the editor, I’d like to offer the following. Like Debbie, I encourage you to research the issues surrounding Measure I and Measure F and make a reasoned decision.

Let me give a quick explanation of Measure I. Measure I offers the voters of Martinez the chance to weigh in on any substantial changes to open space and parks in Martinez. More intensive uses that are approved by the City Council must be put before the voters of Martinez.

A key element here is that existing land use and zoning are not changed under Measure I. Whatever a property owner can do with his/her property now under our current GP will remain exactly the same. Under Measure I, if a property is currently residential it remains residential.

Ms. McKillop asserts that Measure I is based upon a 45 year old premise. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The land use basis used for Measure I is from 2017 – not even two years old. The measure is based upon the existing land use that the City had in place on January 1, 2017.

There is an element of Measure I that does pertain to earlier times. The hard fought protections for the Franklin Hills were included in this measure. Measure I retains the environmental protections as well as the limited development that is currently allowed in the General Plan for the Franklin Hills area. The draft General Plan and Measure F did not appear to extend these protections and rights, but Measure I does.

Do check the facts. I hope that after reading up on the measures that you will be a supporter of Measure I and will vote No on Measure F.

– Mark Thomson

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