City Council considers fishing pier

MARTINEZ, Calif. – It is likely the City Council will commission an assessment of the beloved, but rundown Martinez Fishing Pier at tonight’s council meeting.

The fishing pier has been a favorite fishing and strolling spot for residents and visitors since it was built in 1934. It is also the site of the Annual Diamond Classic Catch & Release Sturgeon Fishing Derby coming up Jan. 25, 2020.

The pier was partially rebuilt in 1976, but the end of the pier, occupied by the Department of Water Resources Telemetry and sometimes itinerant people, was damaged by fire in 2014.

California Water Resources does the analysis of biological monitoring data collected there for Environmental Water Quality and Estuarine Studies to check on water quality.

City staff has recommended that COWI Marine North America to do a comprehensive study of the entire structure.

With the results of the study, city officials will be better able to prioritize needed improvements and locate a source of funding to preserve the pier as a city amenity.

The estimated cost of the study is $33,800 for project management, preparation, inspection, drawings of suggested repairs, analysis of the importance of specific repairs, cost estimating, permits, and construction assistance. The study would be completed by March 2020.

Expect the City council to approve some pier improvements or make decisions about the Pier after they receive the report.

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