Martinez News-Gazette March 20, 2020

Here is our lasted edition in PDF format. The individual articles will added onto the site over the next two day.

I am proud of this edition, a lot of thanks/credit goes to reporters Donna Beth Weilenman and Dana Guzzetti. We are extrememly lucky to have such veteran journalist at our small community newspaper. Also thanks to local contributors Harriett Burt and Vivian/Jeff Roubal, who always give a local perspective to their writing.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a vast, ever-changing topic to cover. The news cycle lasts less than a day, with every hour bringing a new angle. Donna Beth and Dana attempted to narrow their focus to how this stay at home order impacts Martinez residents.

I encourage you to let us know what areas of this unprecedented situation you would like us to cover.

My hope is you will continue to support local journalism and local businesses. Keep Martinez strong.

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– Rick Jones, Publisher

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