Coffee Talk: No replay in life

News-Gazette Columnist

Every now and then while I drink my coffee, I think what could have been.

During my lifetime there has been several events that have directed my life one direction or another and I really had no choice in the matter. Life just happens.

It happens to all of us. We saw it happen to the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship. There was no doubt that the officials blew a major call at the end of the game. It opened the door for the Rams to tie the game in regulation and then win the game in overtime.

Since that game, people have talked about replays being used more in the game. Calls came for the NFL Commissioner to get involved and replay part if not the whole game.

On Friday, the U.S. District court threw out the case from a Saint fan asking for a refund or the game to be replayed.

Before I proceed further, I will state – yes, the officials blew the call. It was a major screw-up and there is really no excuse for how bad it was.

The Saints undoubtably would have won and been playing this afternoon in the Super Bowl if the call was made. But they are not.

It is time to move on. Futures are changed in a blink of eye.

Sometimes we know the event that is changing our life while it happens, like a new job.

Other times we don’t recognize the event till later, like a first date with the person who becomes your spouse.

Then there are events, such as a death that cause pain and it takes time to deal with and the hurt only dulls with the passage of time.

There is no replay in life. We do not get a chance to repeat. Human error is a big part of life.

Sports can be a window into life and how we learn to deal with it.

A remember once, Alhambra men’s soccer team getting robbed in North Coast Sectional.

Stating the referring was horrible would be a compliment to the referees.

The game went into overtime and Alhambra lost on a call in the last minute. It allowed the opponent to win the game and season was over.

On the way home, the only words of wisdom I had for my son was life is not fair. This loss will always eat at you, and yet you will be stronger the next time life doesn’t happen they way it should.

So, Saints fan grab a drink and toast a great season. You got robbed but you will have another chance next year.

Rams fans say “thank you” to the gods of the NFL and enjoy the game today.

Patriots fans, just realize how lucky you are that17 years ago the official made up that ridiculous call in the “tuck rule game” against Raiders. If you didn’t get that call you probably do not have this run of success.

Hey, I said it takes time to dull the pain, I just never said how much time. Have a great game!

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