Coffee Talk: Youth movement?

Martinez Gazette Columnist

Morning coffee thoughts at Barrellista this morning. It has been a while since I have been here, and I am glad to be back. I always enjoy the atmosphere and the coffee. A big shout to Alhambra High School, nice job to all the teams that qualified for NCS.

Baseball is coming up and I am looking forward to it. Catchers and pitchers reported this week. Normally, I would be looking at the chances of the Dodgers and A’s of making the World Series. Though I can not do anything because baseball is stuck.

Spring training has started, and baseball’s biggest star is not signed. Free agent Bryce Harper is still sitting in Las Vegas visiting with baseball’s top management as they make offers that do not come close to his asking price.

Supposedly Bryce turned down a 10 year, $300 million contract from the Washington Nationals. That is a lot of money, but Bryce thought there was greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Bryce at 26 seems to have gotten hit by America going younger trend. According to baseball analytics Bryce has maybe a couple of more years before he starts to trend downward. That is main reason the best player in baseball cannot get a long term contract.

In the past, a star player would have some great years as he started to build his career. Then once he was eligible for free agency, he would be able to get his great big contract.

A baseball player got paid somewhat for his past production and for his future production knowing that towards the end of the contract the team would probably be paying too much for the player. It was a risk but a risk that most teams were willing to pay for a chance to win the World Series.

Those days seemed to be over now. Sources state teams are willing to pay over $30 million for Bryce but not for 10 years. And now he sits, pondering about turning down $300 million for 10 years.

Now I realize the dollars being talked about creates a disconnect with those of us in the 99th percentile. That is a separate column, or maybe, a whole book.

What is amazing is that one can be aged out by the time they are 30-years-old. When did this happen? Youth is great, but with age comes wisdom. Unless you are 30 or younger, then one thinks youth is everything.

I remember once I entered a tennis tournament at 19. I was on a roll and one of the youngest players. I thought the trophy had my name on it. My first match was against this guy that was at least 50 plus and was not even close to my athleticism.

The match was mine before I started. Till this day I remember that match. That “old” guy had me running all over the court and wiped the court with my behind. Analytics does not measure wisdom.

Don’t believe it? Then explain how Tom Brady is winning Super Bowls at 40 and Phil Mickleson winning AT&T Golf Tournament at 49. What computer says that is possible?

So just maybe a team might want to lock-up Bryce. Just because his physical skills might start to decline at 30 does not mean he will not bring some thing more to the game and the team he is playing on. Besides, I need to figure the chances the A’s and Dodgers getting to the World Series

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