Federal agents raid home, business of Martinez resident

Paulette and Jeff Carpoff

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided the Martinez home of Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, owners of DC Solar and the Martinez Clippers baseball club.

Armando Gomez, the Carpoffs lawyer, emailed a statement to the Gazette Thursday evening.

“The Carpoff family was surprised and disappointed with the actions taken by the government earlier this week, which appear to relate to an ongoing tax dispute,” Gomez wrote.  “They are long-time residents and supporters of the Martinez community who believe in our country and all that it stands for.

“The Carpoffs are grateful for the support of their friends and family, and have trust in the system to resolve this matter in a fair and just manner at the earliest opportunity so that they can continue to grow their business, which brings clean, reliable, renewable power to first responders and others whenever and wherever needed.

“Until that time, they will have no further comment on this matter.”

Witnesses said approximately 20 agents and officers broke through the front door of the Carpoffs’ residence in the 5000 block of Stonehurst Drive early Tuesday. Vehicles and items from within the home were seized, witnesses said.

“The Stonehurst address was the subject warrants executed,” Gina B. Swankie, FBI public affairs specialist, confirmed. “We cannot comment beyond the confirmation of activity at this time.”

Swankie also confirmed a raid at the Benicia Industrial Park site where DC Solar is located. Witnesses said employees were escorted from its buildings, and business vehicles, additional personal cars and items from within the buildings were removed. DC Solar has remained closed since Tuesday.

DC Solar, which designs, manufacturers, and leases solar-powered mobile generators, also is a major sponsor of Kyle Larson’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup’s race team, owned by Chip Ganassi Racing.

Earlier this year, Chip Ganassi Racing announced Ross Chastain would drive its No. 42 Chevrolet full time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with sponsorship from DC Solar.

Chip Ganassi Racing issued its own statement: “Although we have received little in the way of facts, we are aware of the situation with DC Solar and are monitoring it closely.”

A review of court documents show the Carpoffs filed a petition in U.S. Tax Court in early 2017. The case has been continued through a series of filings and now shows a February 4, 2019, trial date. It is not known if this case is related to Tuesday’s action by the FBI.

6 Replies to “Federal agents raid home, business of Martinez resident

  1. These raids are almost always one of the last pieces of the puzzle in regards to financial crimes. The FBI always has plenty of evidence beforehand, which gives the judge an easy sign-off on the raid.

    Nice people or not, you’ll hear about the laws they broke soon enough. Probably took the Obama administration energy money, cooked the books and blew it on the racing sponsorship. Was too small of a company to have that kind of money to spend on a $40 million race sponsorship.

  2. Good people or not dirty money is dirty money. FBI doesn’t break down doors and seize vehicles and property. This is real and it’s not ridiculous. Just because you know people doesn’t mean you know everything about those people. They may have donated and done alot for the community, but the question is where that money came from or why. Money Laundering may be involved. FBI didn’t just get up and do this. They’ve been investigating for a while.

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