First cannabis policies workshop tonight

MARTINEZ, Calif. – The first of two workshops on Martinez’s prospective cannabis policies will take place tonight at Martinez City Hall.

It will be a chance for residents to speak about what they consider reasonable local regulations for cannabis businesses that could operate in the city.

City staff have said they hope to hear what residents consider both positive and negative impacts of the cannabis industry on Martinez, as well as what limits the city might set if it chooses to allow cannabis businesses, how the drug can be kept away from minors and ways the industry affects residents’ health and safety, and how the industry affects the environment.

Also to be discussed are money matters, from how much Martinez might expect to be generated through taxes and fees, how that revenue should be used and whether such spending should include a certain minimum funding of youth education and other projects.

The workshop will start at 7 p.m. today in the Council Chamber of Martinez City Hall, 525 Henrietta St.

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