Letter to the Editor: Against the vitriol being aimed at St. Catherine’s Church

As a Parishioner at St. Catherine’s Church, I’m a little put off by the vitriol being used in the opinion section of the newspaper to publicly humiliate both our Bishop, Michael Barber, and Pastor, Father Anthony Le.

As a life-long Catholic, I, for one, would prefer to put the salvation of my soul in the hands of both Michael Barber, Bishop of Oakland (and a Captain in the Naval Reserve), and Fr. Anthony Le (who has made it his priority to reestablish St. Catherine of Siena Church as GOD’S HOUSE in Martinez), rather than to a guy whose only claim to fame is trading municipal bonds and being an equity analyst.

Serendipitously, this past Monday, Nov.18th, the first reading was from Maccabees (1 MC 1:10-15, 41-43, 54-57, 62-63).

“Let us go and make an alliance with the Gentiles all around us;

since we separated from them, many evils have come upon us.”

The proposal was agreeable;

some from among the people promptly went to the king,

and he authorized them to introduce the way of living

of the Gentiles.

Thereupon they built a gymnasium in Jerusalem

…. and abandoned the holy covenant.”

Hey . . . just sayin’!

– Dennis Koller

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