Letter to the Editor: Five top reasons to vote yes on Measure I – the citizen initiative

We urge Martinez voters to join us in voting YES on Measure I on June 5. Here’s why:

1. Measure I protects all Martinez parks and open space—when the City Council votes to convert them to development, voters will make the final decision

2. Martinez scenic and recreational lands are valuable assets and essential to healthy neighborhoods

3. Losing them forever should not be decided by just five people on the City Council

4. Measure I is not about restricting landowners from doing what they can do now with their property. It is about giving us a voice in decisions to turn open space and park lands into big developer housing or commercial projects.

5. Measure I represents the people of Martinez, not the politicians, not the developers.

The East Bay Times editorial endorsing Measure I – The Citizen Initiative and labeling City Council Measure F as a sham tells the story. (The link to this compelling article can be found on our website www.martinezopenspace.org ).

We say City Council Measure F – F is for Fraud because the Measure F leaves out the very open spaces the developers want for their development projects.

Then the City Council rubber stamps these developer projects—without the approval of Martinez voters. And those developer projects replace open and recreational lands, and impact our neighborhoods with more traffic, more density. Voting NO on Measure F is very important because it contains a poison pill clause that could void Measure I.

Your vote helps protect Martinez open space and parks now and in the future. The pressure to develop them will only increase, and Measure I will give us all a say in decisions to convert these special lands.

We encourage everyone to vote on June 5th and join the concerned citizens, civic leaders and over 4000 Martinez voters who helped put Measure I on the ballot.

(Please note: in your Voter Information Guide, the City wrote the Impartial Analysis and Ballot Descriptions for both their Measure F and our Measure I. What the City wrote is not impartial—it is wrong.)

Join us in using your vote to protect Martinez open space and parks, and change the future of our neighborhoods and our town.

Vote YES on Measure I—The Citizen Initiative and vote NO on Measure F—F is for Fraud.

– Tim Platt

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