Letter to the Editor: Safety at schools

Martinez does not have School Resource Officer even though the City Council set a goal (June 13, 2017) to put one in place. According to their own goal document:

– The School Resource Officer position is funded

– The School Resource Officer position was identified, by the City Council, as a TOP PRIORITY

– The School Resource Officer position was identified as a Health and Public SAFETY goal

To bring a baseball team to Martinez – according to the recent “Mayor’s Message” the city spent 11 months, held over 11 sub committee meetings and numerous other meetings with the league and team owners. All this effort in addition to spending $400,000 on capital improvements for the team. This action WAS NOT even a city council goal according to their goal document and the Mayor!

As a concerned citizen worried about the SAFETY of our children at school, why hasn’t the City Council spent the same amount of time working for the SAFETY of OUR CHILDREN as they have on a baseball team? Why do we not have a School Resource Officer one year after this being made a TOP City Council PRIORITY? Since the Sandy Hook mass shooting 214,000 of our children in the USA have been at school when a shooting has occurred. Just in the last weeks a Martinez child made significant threats against his fellow students, yes this can happen in our own city.

Please join me in urging our City Council to take swift action and have a School Resource Officer in place for the upcoming fall semester. Please e-mail mayor Schroder at rschroder@cityofmartinez.org. if you support having a School Resource Officer in place for the fall semester

Kind Regards, Mike Fleming

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