Letter to the Editor: Stevens positioning for mayoral run?

As I picked a copy of the Gazette at a friend of mine’s house I came upon John Stevens’ article. It’s rather disturbing because it certainly sounds like he is positioning himself to run for Mayor while downplaying the accomplishments that have made by Rob Schroder and the council (past and present) for building the reserve.

The City was on the brink of bankruptcy when he took office. Additionally, it was the former leadership who underfunded retirement accounts which are currently being addressed. The facts speak loud and clear.

Mr. Stevens is seems that you have a personal vendetta against Mr. Schroeder since losing your bid for council.

We would be better served if you would agree to disagree and be a little more supportive of the good changes that are happening in the City.

Noralea has been the greatest asset to the City with her direct approach to communication with the citizens. Keep fighting the good fight to the entire leadership team.

­– Beth Churchill

2 Replies to “Letter to the Editor: Stevens positioning for mayoral run?

  1. Wow, “the previous administrations left the retirements unfunded” and he “rescued” us out of the “brink of bankruptcy”? Those are SERIOUS mischaracterizations of things from my memory during those times…and I dont see anything that has seriously changed except that the economy rises and falls and our renaissance is expected cyclically, and much could be criticized about how long the city fostered the agenda of business people downtown that left their businesses boarded up for years and refused earthquake retrofitting despite causing homeowners to follow permitting procedures for everything including changing out their toilet. And the failures of incorporation…who caused that? There are so many policies, politics, and changing times in play you cannot give on person the credit that you try to here.

  2. Oh good, Cher is back. Did she bring Farias’ and Stevens’ other faux friends Mona Laud, Robert Miller, Roger Walker?

    Speaking of Bankruptcy…something smells Fishy!

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