Letter to the Editor: Support for gun range

As a downtown merchant for the past 15 years, I would like to offer my support on an item on your agenda.

I would like this read into the record at the meeting on August 27, since I cannot be present, regarding the recommendation to the City Council regarding a proposed zoning change to allow shooting galleries within an enclosed building as a conditional use in the central commercial districts.

I received a Notice of Continued Meeting/Public Hearing which advised if we were interested in this matter we needed to send comments in a letter. Since it is unclear if the matter will be opened for public comments, I want to make sure that if it is, that my letter be read into the record as supporting this proposed zoning amendment and urge you to make a recommendation of approval to the City Council to amend the zoning ordinance to allow this use and to categorically exempt this project from CEQA requirements.

Yours truly,

Anne Mobley

White Rabbit Boutique

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