Letter to the Editor: The people have spoken for legal recreational cannabis

A recent letter to the editor in regards to legal cannabis in Martinez stated “Martinez is getting seduced into the marijuana business. It’s most apparent motive is that we need the money. As in taxes, fees and whatever”.

What the author of the letter is overlooking is that the voters in Martinez overwhelmingly voted in favor of the proposition legalizing recreational cannabis (64% of Martinez voters voted in favor of this proposition). The City Council is drafting an ordinance in response to the will of the people, this is how our democracy works.

One of the benefits is the city can add a local tax on the industry but this is not the motivating factor for the ordnance. If this was the case a measure would be on the November ballot asking the voters to support this local tax (it is my understanding this tax must be approved by the voters).

While I agree Main Street may not be the best location for a dispensary, there are many other locations in the “Downtown” area that would be. I am in favor of obscured windows and discrete signage at any cannabis business.

Kind Regards,

Mike Fleming

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