Letter to the Editor: Vote no on misguided Measure I

| May 9, 2018 | 3 Comments

I think we all agree that open space is a great thing! Martinez has a wealth of parks and public open space to serve our community along with thousands of acres of East Bay Regional Parks land, which by any measure is considerable.

As a resident of Martinez and the Commissioner of our nation’s largest bocce federation based here in Martinez, I interact regularly with city staff. A continual topic of discussion is the challenges of maintaining not only our bocce facility at Waterfront Park, but also all our parks city-wide. For the past 12 years, I have served the City of Lafayette as their Head of Maintenance for parks, trails and open space. I know firsthand the challenges city staff face every single day struggling to maintain the many parks we already have.

Sites like Pine Meadows are not Parkland, as they have been subject to development for decades. This site has been a business for many years and serves as a neighborhood Tavern serving alcohol and hosting karaoke. The site has been fertilized and subjected to numerous chemical applications, some of which were undoubtedly dubious compared to our current regulations and integrated pest management practices. The site has pumps, a sprinkler and irrigation system, a parking lot and a single-family residence on the property. Invasive plant species cover the land. To convert this space “back to nature”, open it up to the general public and provide ongoing maintenance would cost a fortune. This parcel is best served by appropriate housing commensurate with the general plan.

The old trailer park behind Nob Hill also seems to be an appropriate site for development, again having been a business and site for housing for many years. An example of another site with no use plan or funding from the Measure I proponents. Vote No on this misguided proposition.

Vote YES on Measure F and Protect Your Private Property Rights.

– Greg Travers
Martinez Resident
Parks Maintenance Supervisor
City of Lafayette

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