Letter to the Editor: Watch out for web of lies from Measure I

The statement that Martinez Parks are in “dire danger” of conversion to residential housing by developers is a bigger lie than Clinton stating he never had sex with that woman. It is disgraceful that Platt, Thomson, Kilmer, 1000 Friends of Martinez are making such an absolute absurd statement. It is an outright LIE. But, this is what they have said to sell their Initiative and are continuing to say to sell Measure I.

I have been told by citizen after citizen, the Initiative petition takers would cry out “Save Our Parks” and without hesitation people would sign it. In fliers and social media, 1000 Friends specifically reference Rankin Park and Hidden Lakes as in danger; two parks that the city recently put in millions of dollars in enhancements and improvements. Measure I (which was the Initiative) is characterized as saving our parks from development because the Council is in bed with the developers who want parkland to be converted to housing. It is even printed on the campaign signs for Measure I; Yes Saves Parks and No, I guess stops Developer Tricks whatever that means.

To confirm the facts, I contacted the Mayor and City Manager. The City Manager immediately responded that there are no Martinez parks under consideration of being converted into developments or housing. The Mayor, Councilmembers McKillop and Gipner have stated the suggestion of such is absolutely absurd. The long-term Mayor said the council has never been approached by developers with such a ridiculous idea. He said the city would never, ever consider selling off parkland to have houses built on the land. It is plain nonsense. He said to look at the City’s continuous prioritizing improving our Parks and the unbelievable track record of saving the ridgelines and securing open space. He stated the Parks and Open Space are the DNA of the community and Martinez is a great place to live because of them. Yet, the Measure I backers still present the Council wants to convert the parkland to residential or commercial developments because of some shady relationships with developers.

Read the Primary Election Guide. Listen to the Forum on CCTV between Platt and Mayor Schroder. The Mayor makes it very clear the parks do not need to be “saved”. Measure F was presented by the city to put permanent safeguards in place to protect Parks and Public Open Space. Measure F protects the city and the citizens because it does not allow a change to public open space or park and recreation uses without voter approval and protects private property rights.

I don’t like to be lied to. I find it sad that to sell Measure I, they continue to spew the lies that the Parks are in danger of development. I don’t like accusations about the Council when the accuser offers no detail or proof of impropriety. I have no confidence in a Measure that had to has to sell itself based lies or builds on the emotions or fears the public has in losing their parks to “tricks of developers”.

I strongly encourage voters to contact the Mayor, Council or City Manager for further clarification or to confirm what I am writing.

I am voting YES on Measure F and definitely No on Measure I.

– Chris Lang

2 Replies to “Letter to the Editor: Watch out for web of lies from Measure I

  1. The city has been approached in the passed to put a commercial style large buiding development in Hidden Lakes Park. It was stopped by the neighbors when they came across the plans that staff were using to find a location in Martinez city Parks. Hidden Lakes Park was the developer’s choice. Four council members wanted it until 200 Hidden Lake neighbors shown up and they backed down.

  2. Where are the news stories of this ‘commercial’ like building proposal? The internet of things keeps wonderful records of news matters, surely there is a link to a story, somewhere? How far back into the Past are we talking, and what sortve ‘commercial type’ building was proposed? A community room? A snack bar like Point Isabel with retail space for pet swag? A condominium? What? Cowards dealing in half-truths shielded by a blanket of Anonymity have no room to throw rocks.

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