Letter to the Editor: Water vandals

I am writing to seek help from the community. Our home is on some acreage that abuts the hiking trail on the ridge above the John Muir House.

Our water line passes through East Bay Regional Park District property and supplies water to the cattle trough near the trail.

Repeatedly this summer, escalating similar events from last summer, someone has opened an unattended spigot and drained thousands of gallons of my water down the hill into the parched earth, now mud.

This has been going on in drought conditions. Now that the spigot is capped and locked this vandal has started attacking the water trough filling apparatus with the same result: broken valves and thousands of gallons of water wasted multiple times.

Today, Thursday, August 2, someone has torn down a sign I made on the trough imploring him to stop.

Again, this is private water, not EBRPD or City of Martinez water, and it is very expensive.

The trail has only a handful of users in the summer. I am asking that anyone who uses the trail and who sees such behavior to please immediately report it to EBRPD and the Martinez Police Department.

Not only is this vandalism costly to me, it is an assault on our community water supply for no conceivable reason.

– Jack Funk

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