Letter to the Editor: More on St. Catherine’s

Mister Fuller: I hope that this is our last outing because the Church organ has finally arrived at St. Catherine’s and we will be busy listening to God’s music as we pray and contemplate things other than your personal struggle to build a gym for us.

Now back to the facts of your letter. Many of them are not facts, but rather misrepresentations of fact.

Take for instance your false claim that the Bishop of Oakland Michael Barber prevented you from contacting the Valley Foundation because he was in a dispute with them. I have looked into this allegation and it is utter nonsense.

Secondly, you claim that the Parish voted twice as of 2018 to go forward with your building plan. Where is the proof of such a vote? Please bring it forward, but remember the Catholic Church does not work like you describe (holding elections etc).

Thirdly, you claim in your Nov 20th letter that Bishops and Archbishops had violated Canon 1300 of the Code of Canon Law. But the problem is that you have not only falsely thrown great people under the bus in a malicious and inflammatory way, but you have misrepresented what the law says.

In your letter, you quote the Canon as using two words which are in fact not in the Code. They are the word “envision” and the word “refuse”. These are action words. One from the intellect and the other from the Will. But not in the Code section you cite. This either is a falsification or a mistake. I pray that it is a mistake.

Finally, with regard to the application of cited Code section, you are off the mark again. It doesn’t apply to our situation at St. Cathy’s. Our fund raising has been for the most part by check or bank deposit withdrawals. Code Section 1300 comes under Title IV with heading of Pious Wills and Pious Foundations.

So in conclusion I ask you, if you still want to fight, then bring forth all your evidence (paperwork, etc.) which support your claim that you had the special right to pick the General Contractor to build a multi-million dollar gym. Surely, you would have something like that put into writing.

But if on the other hand you want peace, then I’m all in. I will put my sword away if you put yours away. It’s up to you. Otherwise happy Thanksgiving to all.

– Tom Greerty

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