Letter to the Editor: Work not done

Dear Editor,

Measure I—The Citizen Initiative won. Congratulations to all of us for this truly community-wide effort to protect all Martinez open space and parks, now and in the future.

We stood up for what we felt was best for us all. Working together, we showed we can make a difference, we can change the path of our government, we can protect what is important for us and our children.

The final results are in from the County Elections Division. Both Measure I and Measure F received majority Yes votes, so they both were accepted by the voters. But Measure I received 103 more YES votes than Measure F, so Measure I wins and will become law,giving Martinez voters the final say any time the City Council votes to convert any Martinez open space or park to more intensive development.

There is still unfinished business. We must:

– make sure everyone understands that Measure I does not affect what people can do with their private property. Whatever they can do now under the current General Plan they can still do under Measure I. The City Council and others have confused people about that.

– ensure the City Council enacts Measure I completely and promptly

– finish the City Council lawsuit against Measure I proponents

But for now it’s time for us to just appreciate this important victory, a victory for us and future generations. We saw a problem. We worked hard together to change it. We succeeded. We’ve all earned a moment to celebrate and feel good about what we have accomplished.

Congratulations to Martinez!

– Kerry Kilmer, Tim Platt and Mark Thomson

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