Martinez Police blotter for March 16-31, 2019

On March 16th at 5:18 am, Corporal Baillie responded to the area of North Park Court. to investigate a residential burglary. Sometime over the night an unknown suspect accessed the garage from the side door and stole items. The garage was the only area accessed. Case 19-799.

At 10:21 am, Officer Wah made contact with an individual at Quick Stop who was found to have warrant for theft; the suspect was booked into county jail. Case 19-801

At 2:43 pm, A citizen reported a possible drunk driver leaving the Nob Hill Shopping Center. Sergeant Gaul was in the area and observed the vehicle leaving the parking lot. He attempted to stop the driver after it almost collided with several vehicles on Center Avenue and Pine Street. The driver failed to yield and Gaul pursued the vehicle until it finally yielded at the suspect’s residence on Holiday Hills Drive. The driver admitted to drinking and was extremely intoxicated. After he was arrested he was transported via AMR to county hospital due to concerns of his extreme blood alcohol levels. He was admitted to the hospital and eventually cite released at the hospital for DUI and failure to yield by Officer Buda. Case 19-802

At 3:19 pm, Officer Wah arrested an individual in the 700 block of Alhambra Avenue for public intoxication. Case 19-803

At 9:36 pm, Officer Montano stopped a vehicle at Alhambra Way and Muir Station Road. for vehicle code violations. The driver was arrested for a warrant and booked into county jail. Case 19-807

On March 17th at 1:24 am, Corporal Mayberry stopped a vehicle on Pacheco Blvd. at Shell Ave. for vehicle code violations. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence and had numerous prior convictions. The suspect was booked into county jail for felony violation of driving under the influence. Case 19-808

At 9:01 am, Officer Espinoza and Sergeant Gaul were investigating a hit and run in the 900 block of Howe Rd. The tow truck arrived to tow the suspect vehicle and Sergeant Gaul recognized the passenger in the tow truck as a wanted person with a felony no bail warrant. The passenger was arrested and booked into county jail. Case 19-810

At 3:18 pm, Corporal Mayberry responded to an ALPR on SR4 and Sycamore in Hercules captured a stolen vehicle traveling towards Martinez. The 2019 Jeep Liberty was reported stolen to Rocklin PD on 2-22-2019. Officers set up and stopped the vehicle at the Shell Gas station on Morello Ave. The driver was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, providing a false name, possessing a fraudulent driver license and possession of stolen credit cards. She was also wanted for a parole violation for theft and a felony $40,000,00 warrant for burglary. The suspect’s 5-year-old son was in the vehicle necessitating a response from Children Family Services (CFS) to the scene to take custody of him. Family members that were initially called to assist were being untruthful with officers and withholding information, resulting it CFS having to be called out. The suspect was booked into county jail. Case 19-813

At 9:32 pm, Corporal Mayberry made a traffic stop at Orange Street and Sierra Avenue. He contacted the driver and determined he was driving under the influence of alcohol which resulted in his arrest. Case 19-814

On March 18th at 2:58 am, Sergeant Busciglio contacted an individual in the 900 block of Main Street who was found to be intoxicated in public. The suspect became combative and was placed in a WRAP restraint prior to being transported to county jail. Case 19- 816

At 6:23 am, Officer Lucido took a stolen vehicle report from a resident in the 300 block of Blue Ridge Drive. Case 19-818.

At 9:58 pm, officers responded to a residence in the 200 block of Arana Drive for a male cutting himself with a knife. The male became combative. In the process of restraining the male his girlfriend began to interfere and struck one of the officers. The male subject was placed on a W&I 5150 hold. His girlfriend was arrested battery on a peace officer. Case 19-820.

At 11:45 pm, Officer Lincoln was dispatched to 7-11 on Alhambra Avenue for an argument between a male and female. The female was arrested for a warrant and the male was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Case 18-821.

On March 19th at 9:15 am, Corporal Schnabel took a burglary report at the cell tower in the 4900 block of Pacheco. There was no loss. Case 19-826.

At 4:03 pm, Officer Miller investigated the death of an elder male at a residence in the 100 block of Arreba Street. There was no sign of foul play. Case 19-834.

At 6:58 pm, Corporal Baillie contacted a male subject in a vehicle at Minaret Drive and Center Avenue. The subject was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property. Case 19-835.

At 11:36 pm, Officer Ramos arrested a female subject for public intoxication. The female was creating a disturbance in front of a residence in the 3800 block of Vista Oaks Drive. Case 19-837

On March 20th at 1:21 am, Corporal Baillie arrested a female for DUI and hit and run in that occurred in the 4500 block of Alhambra Way. Case 19-838.

At 9:28 am, Corporal Schnabel arrested a male subject on Fountainhead Court for domestic violence restraining order violation. Case 19-840.

At 1:08 pm, Officer Voyvodich arrested a male subject who committed a residential burglary in the 3600 block of Estudillo Street. The resident arrived home to find the unknown male in the residence. Sergeant Gaul sustained a minor injury to his left eye while assisting Officer Voyvodich with the apprehension of the subject. Case 19-843

On March 22nd at 2:46 am, Officer Espinoza contacted a male subject in a vehicle at Grace Episcopal Church. The subject was arrested for a warrant. Case 19-853.

At 11:00 am, Officer Wah responded to the Junior High School for the report of a battery upon a student. The teacher was cite released from the PD for battery. Case 19-856.

At 8:45 pm, officers responded to 800 Castro St. for a person yelling. A man was contacted and arrested for being drunk in public. He was booked into county jail. Corporal Mayberry Case 19-858.

On March 23rd at 12:41 am, Sergeant Busciglio was flagged down by security from Whiskey Lane (629 Ferry St.). A subject standing on the corner was reported to be intoxicated and had to be escorted out of the bar. The man was contacted and during a pat down search, a concealed dagger was located on his person. The man was arrested and booked into county jail for being drunk in public and carrying a concealed dagger. Case 19-859.

At 2:50 am, Sergeant Busciglio contacted a man who was seated along the side of Rite Aid (1165 Arnold Dr.). The man was on probation and in possession of heroin. He was arrested and cite released from the scene. Case 19-860.

At 8:20 am, officers responded to Chevron, 1250 Arnold Dr., for the report of two subjects sleeping in a vehicle. The employee had been asking them to leave and they keep falling asleep. One of the subjects contacted was a 33-year-old woman from Martinez. She was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and cite released. Officer Buda, Case19-861.

At 10:30 am, Corporal Baillie contacted a 32-year-old woman from Fairfield at Valley Convenient. She was arrested for public intoxication. She was combative and was placed in a WRAP and spit mask. She was booked into MDF. Case 19-862.

At 1:00 pm, officers were dispatched to Blue Ridge Drive for the report of a man smoking meth. Officers contacted the man. He was arrested for a misdemeanor $7,500.00 warrant for drug possession and booked into MDF by Officer Buda. Case 19-863.

At 3:00 pm, Sergeant Gaul was on foot patrol downtown. He observed a 45-year-old man from Martinez walking down the middle of Castro street with a couple of beers and yelling bad words very loudly. The man was arrested for public intoxication and booked MDF by Officer Wah. Case 19-864.

At 3:15 pm, the license plate reader (LPR) on SR4 in Hercules captured a stolen vehicle traveling eastbound towards Martinez. The 2017 Hyundai Elantra was reported stolen to Vallejo PD on 3/21/2019. Officer Buda located the vehicle on SR4 at Center. Officer Buda followed the vehicle until MPD and CHP units caught up to him. A stop was made prior to Railroad Ave. in Pittsburg. The driver, a 28-year-old from Richmond, and his passenger were detained without incident. Released from the PD. Case 19-865.

At 10:37 pm, Corporal Mayberry was on foot patrol in the marina when he located an intoxicated man. The man was arrested for being drunk in public. He was booked into county jail. Case 19-866.

On March 24th at 1:04 am, Sergeant Busciglio and Corporal Mayberry were on foot patrol in the downtown area. They heard a verbal disturbance at Ferry St. and Escobar St. They contacted a victim who had just been assaulted and had his car vandalized by a female he did not know. They located the female in the area and she was identified as the suspect. She was arrested and booked into county jail for being drunk in public, vandalism and battery. Case 19-868.

At 4:11 am, officers responded to 4141 Alhambra Ave. (7–11) for a report of a hit and run. The suspect vehicle hit the victim vehicle in the parking lot and then fled north on Alhambra Avenue. The suspect vehicle was located driving north on Alhambra Avenue at Marina Vista. The female was arrested for driving under the influence and hit and run. Officer Montano and Officer Parsons Case 19-869.

At 8:30 am, a citizen observed a subject attempting to gain entry into Pacifica Pizza, 500 Main Street, through a rear window. Officers located an open door and located a 34- year-old man from Richmond inside the business. The man had smashed windows to gain entry into the storage area where he stole numerous items. He smashed the window to the rear office and stole a cash box containing $600.00. He was booked into MDF by Officer Leong. Case 19-871.

At 2:20 pm, officers responded to Barrelista, 736 Main St., for a subject destroying the fire place and punching street signs. Officers contacted the 27-year-old man from Martinez. He was arrested for public intoxication and booked into MDF. Detective Leong, Case 19-873.

At 6:52 pm, officers responded to the Front Room (802 Main St.) for a report of theft. A suspect grabbed the victim’s purse from a table and ran outside with two other suspects. An area search was conducted and the suspects were not located. The victim later called and reported that she had chased the suspects east down Main Street. One of the suspects lifted his shirt and the victim saw a gun in the suspect’s waist band. The gun was never pulled out. There are no suspect leads at this time beyond a vague physical description. Corporal Mayberry, Case 19-874.

At 7:11 pm, an automated license plate reader camera for Hwy 4 in Hercules alerted officers to a vehicle headed towards Martinez. The vehicle was reported stolen from Concord PD. Corporal Mayberry located the vehicle and a high risk stop was conducted on Morello Ave. at Hwy 4. The vehicle was a rental car and the solo driver was listed as the suspect. It was determined that the driver’s insurance company failed to renew the rental agreement after it expired and the driver had no knowledge that the car was listed as embezzled/stolen. He was released from the scene and the vehicle was towed. Corporal Mayberry Case 19-875.

On March 25th at 2:34 am, officers responded to the Quality Inn (3999 Alhambra Av.) to investigate a physical altercation between an employee and a customer. The employee received complaints about one room making noise. Upon contact the male customer came at and attacked the employee. The employee did not want anyone arrested or prosecuted. He only wanted the subjects from the room to leave. The subjects left and an informational battery report was taken to document the incident. Officer Parsons, Case 19-877.

At 8:15 am, Officer Ramos investigated a burglary at Great Clips on Center Avenue. The unknown suspect shattered the window and to make entry. A laptop was taken. Case 19-880.

On March 26th at 6:53 am, Detective Williamson conducted a probation search at a residence in the 3500 block of Pine Street. A male subject was arrested for possession of controlled substance and probation violation. Case 19-884.

At 2:03 pm, Officer Buda took a theft report from 7-11 on Pacheco Boulevard. Two male subjects took approximately 30 cartons of cigarettes, at a value of $2400. Case 19-890.

At 2:52 pm, Officer Winslett took a battery report at Martinez Jr High School. The battery occurred earlier in the morning, and the involved students were not present when the incident was reported. Case 19-892.

At 6:43 pm, Officer Ramos responded to Blueridge Drive and Alhambra Avenue for a male subject who broke a mirror on a bus. The male was contacted and arrested for public intoxication. Case 19-895.

At 9:58 pm, Officer Breinig responded to a residence in the 200 block of Arreba Street for deceased female, who passed due to natural causes. Case 19-897.

On March 27th at 7:42 am, Officer Voyvodich received a LPR alert on a wanted vehicle associated with a burglary that occurred in Berkeley. An enforcement was stop was conducted on EB HWY 4 at Pacheco Boulevard without incident. The male driver was detained until Berkeley PD arrived to take custody of him. Case 19-899.

At 7:16 pm, Officer Lincoln responded to a business in the 3000 block of Howe Road to conduct suspect follow up on a theft that occurred earlier. He contacted the male suspect and arrested him for a warrant. Case 19-907.

On March 28th at 2:55 am, Officer Ramos responded to an alarm at the Metro PSC store. Upon arrival he discovered the front door was smashed and the rear door was open. No one was in the business. Unable to make contact with any employees of the business, the city corporation yard was called out to board up the door. Case 19-909.

On March 29th at 1230 pm, Lieutenant Salamid arrested a male downtown for possession of methamphetamine. Case 19-918.

At 1230 pm, Officer Wah arrested a male at the John Muir Inn for driving on a suspended license for DUI. Case 19-919.

At 3:15 pm, Officer Wah arrested a male at 7-11 on Alhambra Avenue for theft. Case 19- 921.

At 6:26 pm, Corporal Mayberry responded to a residential burglary in the 400 block of H Street. The front door was unlocked and the kitchen window was broken. No one was inside of the residence. The homeowner also responded and noted jewelry and electronics were taken. The area was checked for witnesses and evidence was collected at the scene for processing. On March 30th at 2:30 pm, East Bay Regional Parks Police requested cover during a foot pursuit of a robbery suspect. Officer Miller assisted and a juvenile male was taken into custody. Case 19-927.

At 7:41 pm, Sergeant Muncher took an auto burglary report at Hidden Lakes Park. The vehicle window was smashed and the victim’s purse was taken. Case 19-928.

At 9:29 pm, Corporal Mayberry arrested a female for DUI in the 100 block of Warren Street, where she drove her vehicle off the roadway and got stuck on a dirt embankment. During the booking process, while the female was in the holding cell, she removed her pants and attempted to hang herself. She was placed in a WRAP Restraint Device and transported to county jail. Case 19-930.

On March 31tst at 1:12 am, Officer Montano arrested a female at the Pacheco Transit Hub for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana, both for sale. Case 19-931.

At 1:38 am, Officer Parsons assisted CHP with a hit and run collision that occurred on the freeway. Officer Parsons contacted the male suspect near his vehicle in the 400 block of Morello Avenue. He was intoxicated and had facial abrasions from an airbag deployment. CHP took custody of the male suspect. Case 19-932.

At 12:15 pm, Corporal Baillie responded to Safeway (downtown) for a female consuming alcohol in the store and refusing to leave. The female was contacted and also found to be in possession of medical supplies taken from county hospital. She was arrested for public intoxication, theft and resisting/obstructing an officer. Case 19-933.

At 1:30 pm, Sergeant Moore responded to Starbuck’s (downtown) for a male touching himself inappropriately. The subject was gone upon arrival, however there may be investigative leads.

At 2:30 pm, Officer Wah took a vehicle burglary report at the John Muir Inn. The victim’s window was smashed and luggage and a laptop were taken. Case 19-935.

At 2:30 pm, Officer Buda investigated a suspicious vehicle in the 400 block of Mill Road. A male was arrested for warrant and possession of heroin, and a female was arrested for a warrant. Case 19-937.

At 6:56 pm, Corporal Mayberry arrested a male on Waterfront Road for a warrant and possession of a controlled substance. Case 19-939.

Thanks to Chief Manjit Sappal and Renee Jacobs of the the Martinez Police Department.

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