Measure F protects private property

| May 2, 2018 | 12 Comments

Dear Martinez Resident,

We are writing this letter as citizens of Martinez, and not in our capacities with the City of Martinez, to let you know about an initiative on the June 5th Election Ballot that will have an impact on private property.

This is MEASURE I, which was circulated and put on the ballot by individuals claiming that their goal was to save Martinez parks this is not true. Our magnificent parks are part of the DNA of Martinez and will never be developed.

Measure I is a land grab that, if passed by Martinez voters, would require certain privately-owned parcels throughout Martinez, in both the City and the County, be zoned permanent open space and banned from any kind of development or other future plans homeowners may have for their property. And it does this with no plan for compensating for potential loss in property value.

If you read the Measure carefully, it is attempting to create an “overlay” land use designation that prohibits new or expanded uses (or development) of more than 550 private properties in the City and County. Measure I proponents are trying to make Martinez citizens’ property open space! This is bad for the City and will cost the citizens of Martinez millions of dollars in legal fees alone!

Measure F has been placed on the ballot by the City as an alternative measure that will protect all of our private property. The City’s measure rightfully prohibits development of our public parks but does not take private property rights from Martinez citizens.

We greatly need your help to do three things:

1) Vote “YES” on Measure F – Protect private property rights of our citizens

2) Vote “No” on Measure I – It does not protect, it only destroys

3) Spread the word! Measure I is damaging to our City – educate your friends and neighbors

Even if you only show up at your polling place on June 5th to cast these two votes, every vote counts! It is absolutely critical that you vote YES on Measure F and NO on Measure I. Thank You

– Mayor Rob Schroder, Councilwoman Noralea Gipner and Councilwoman Debbie McKillop

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