Glover calls for update on possible Keller Landfill contamination

Did some of the potentially radioactive material from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard get sent to Keller Landfill?

Contra Costa District 5 Supervisor Federal Glover has asked Contra Costa County staff for a report concerning allegations of malfeasance by Tetra Tech, which handled the Hunters Point cleanup.

“The allegations concern possible radioactive materials being deposited at landfills across the state, including possible contaminated dirt that might have been sent to Keller Canyon Landfill,” an announcement from Glover’s office said.

Tetra Tech, an environmental firm, has been accused of fraudulent work in the cleanup of Hunters Point. The company has said it not only cleaned the radioactive and industrial contamination at the site to Navy standards, but it is willing to hire a third party contractor to back its claim.

However, other third-party contractors hired by the Navy and which produced findings supported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, said all of the Hunters Point cleanup is suspect.

“I am very concerned about these allegations and want a full report from staff on this issue,” Glover has said. “I want staff to thoroughly investigate these allegations and determine whether or not the Keller Landfill has received contaminated materials. I want to make sure the residents of Contra Costa County are protected, and that this matter is fully addressed.”

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