Small dog park closed Monday for maintenance

Martinez Dog Park’s small dog enclosure will be closed Monday until 2 p.m. while city crews apply a new material to its surface.

“We are installing small natural fines from Ecomulch,” said Bob Cellini, Public Works superintendent.

Ecomulch is a Martinez-based company that supplies ecologically-friendly products derived from local trees, he said.

“This product will create a better footing and softer surface for the small dogs, something that was brought up by the group during one of our gatherings,” he said.

Ecomulch, which is family-owned, was founded to reuse woody material that has been generated by its parent company, Hamilton Tree Service instead of sending that material to a landfill. Since 2006, it has diverted about 200,000 tons of wood material from landfills, according to information provided by the company.

The company says the wood materials are processed and made into a usable quality mulch that is high in organic content and is zero-contamination feedstock, since the source material doesn’t come from pallets, construction debris or plant waste that may contain herbicides, petroleum or metal.

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