Letter to the Editor: Dog park urged at new parcel

Dear Council Members,

As residents of Martinez since February 18, 1966, and always having resided south of Highway 4, we are pleased that the resolution of the fate of the Coward property has taken place and there can be needed use for the property in the form of much needed new housing. We are also pleased that PRMCC is asking residents what elements are desired for the park facility that will be created by the settlement of the litigation

While we already have Hidden Valley Park and its amenities and Hidden Lakes Park with its amenities nearby, we are concerned that the maintenance of another park facility will stretch existing maintenance workers, we would very much like to see a dog park as part of the use area of the nine acre parcel. We would like to see a small dog area and a large dog area rather than just a single “all dogs” designated area. Large dogs and smaller dogs often do not play well together.

We have two (2) small dogs that “work” as pet therapy animals at the Regional Medical Center and John Muir Concord and we find that after spending time at these facilities, the dogs need to run and play. We presently use the “small dog area” at the Pleasant Hill Dog Park, but we would rather use a facility in Martinez

An area of children’s play equipment and grassy area with trails would also be desirable for the area.

Hopefully we can attend future meetings where the area will be discussed by the public.

­– Bill and Pat Chase

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