Anti-Black Lives Matters flier seen in Martinez


“On June 27th at about 9:45 p.m., the Martinez Police Department responded to the report of fliers containing hate speech left on the sidewalk near downtown. The offensive fliers made threats of harm to those supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in the name of an organization called “White Pride World Wide”.

“At this time, we do not have any leads on who left them on the sidewalk. The fliers were deplorable, filled with hate, and have no place in the City of Martinez. The language was threatening, offensive, and goes against everything the City values in terms of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.

“Please contact our Dispatch Center at 925-372-3440 in the event you have any information on this case. Detectives have been assigned to investigate this incident as a Hate Crime and the investigation is ongoing.

“The City of Martinez does not tolerate hate related crimes and as a community we need to stand together to promote unity and acceptance for all people. This hateful, hurtful, and offensive act does not define our City and we must all do our part to identify those responsible, so they can be brought to justice.”


A flier supporting white supremacy was spotted in Martinez and other Contra Costa cities, including Pittsburg and Richmond.

Martinez Police are investigating the hate-fillled flier that was found Saturday night on a sidewalk near downtown at the Martinez Detention Facility.

The flier shows a “White Pride World Wide” logo and calls for white people to “unify” against Black Lives Matter specifically and Black “thugs” in general.

The flier contains numerous racial epithets, spelling errors and leaves no contact information.

8 Replies to “Anti-Black Lives Matters flier seen in Martinez

  1. That’s the headline? Nothing about white supremacists recruiting? It’s “Anti BLM”?
    Great job white washing that and promoting systemic racism!

  2. LOL! That’s not even a mediocre attempt at a false flag, The BLM people who posted that need to learn how to spell.

  3. It is actually not “White Pride World Wide”. That is the “Stormfront” logo. An older and larger organization built on that principal. You can google them find a link to their page if you are so inclined.

  4. blm is a communist organization. Its founders have said so. There are videos of this. They were responsible for a lot of destruction, burning, looting. No one went after them. Something is happening here, what it is is not clear. Suddenly half of the US is communist. Cultural marxism has been taught from grammar school onwards in the USA. No one did anything to stop this. It is not correct for a political group to get the protection of the state and not others. It is very undemocratic. Sadly, they have been doing the same worldwide, and now there is no place to go. I hope someone can save America.

  5. In the article, Anti-Black Lives Matters flier seen in Martinez, it states that ” A flier supporting white supremacy was spotted in Martinez and other Contra Costa cities, including Pittsburg and Richmond.”
    First how can one flier be spotted in several cities throughout the county or is the author stating that several copies of the same flier were found?

    I have lived in Contra Costa County for over 40 years and have not seen the racism that this article and others about the Martinez protests state exists in our county. Articles about the Martinez fliers with the White Pride World Wide symbol on it always state fliers – making it sound like several fliers were found – 2 fliers were found at around 7 PM on the pavement, and the police were notified and collected them about 2 hours later. This is not reporting but inflammatory journalism.

    Perhaps I am wrong. Would you please give me references to articles that support the statement that white supremacy fliers have been found throughout the county?

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