‘Black Lives Matter’ mural painted on Martinez street (photo gallery)

A local group gathered Saturday morning to paint ‘Black Lives Matters’ in huge, yellow letters on Court Street in from the of Contra Costa County Superior Court.

(aerial photos from Mike Miller)

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  1. Some racist couple just painted over it spewing hate the entire time. Where were the police?

      1. LOL, Dino, you don’t know the difference between your and you’re but you try to insult other people’s intelligence. You can’t make this stuff up!

  2. Wow – now the false narrative is taught by white privileged “Karen’s” to their young children.

    Let’s support a Marxist, anti-American, anti-police group that is strictly political with no concern outside politics.

    They laugh, ridicule and bully “Karen” and other white apologists who have no idea what their message is or how they hate America.

    Remove this anti-American race baiting phrase from our streets NOW!

    1. Your feelings toward opening dialogue between a group of people the are oppressed is why there is hate. You not wanting to understand is why you live in anger. You not wanting to believe that the horrific things that happened to black people is real and has affected how we have been treated since slavery and how that has impact our live matters; because people like you have and will never understand what it’s like to have you great-great, great, and grandparent aunts, uncles, sisters brother, cousins, moms and dads telling you horrific things that have happened to your family at the hands of white people for centuries. You have never had to live in constant ptsd every single time you leave out of the door from any where.

      I feel sorry for you, my heart has room to ache for people of your same like mind…because my daughter will have to experience the same fear and be taught to be fearful amd cautious at all times because of people like you that hate her, and don’t care about her rights her freedom or her life.

      Reading all of the responses from people in the community of Martinez shows that they are so far off the mark regarding what Black Lives Matters means and seem to not care. I beleive if the word “Black” was removed you all would be comfortable. This movement is not here to make you or anyone else comfortable, but to give you a safe place to dialogue with a group that you are curious about and want to understand and possibly become an ally for a community of oppressed people. In order to do so you have to look hard within and be open to change and understanding. We tell our kids to be better than we are and to love everyone – do you?

      #blacklivesmatter #youropenmindmatters

    2. I agree. Our streets are not political message boards. Stop this disrespect for others now. Paint your message on your car, your house, your business or bike. Use your property for your message. STOP PUSHING OTHERS AROUND

    3. I agree with you. For people to back this mob and glorify them is so stupid. They will do a lot of harm to this country. But for some reason people don’t see that.

  3. My child and I have lived in Martinez over 16 years.. active in school functions, sports and band there has always been this slight of favoritism with many of the organizations that we’ve encountered. Yet I speak, solely of the racisms and stereotypes that were projected to my well spoken, intelligent, talented and gentle spoken daughter the challenges she had to overcome growing up in Martinez. I decided to send my daughter else where after 8 years of Martinez school system due to being exposed to a culture that was inclusive based and not “old boy and/or old girl” mentality. The Junior High and their facilitators should be closely monitored in reference to their connection to family connections of “generational Martinez folks” and how such narrow visions can limit the minds of our youth portraying a world that is not correct conducive to “heirarchy of connections”.. this too is about Black Lives Matter. The need for superiority can exist anywhere as history has shown and is showing today. I have meet beautiful people here in Martinez despite the constant struggles of my skin. My daughter, her experiences here I hope now older can help her realize that ”shes amazing” as the day we first meet.. Years ago while dropping my daughter off to Jr. high Martinez, a parent says in the parking lot of school “go back to where you came from.” I reported to the Martinez Police. The Officer made my daughter and myself safe with his response and actions. He went to that person’s home due to me writing the driver license down and told him if anything happens to my daughter or myself that he would be charged with a hate crime. This man from the school parking lot stalked me for roughly one month as I dropped my kiddo off to school. I appreciate the school superintendent Mr. C, the few but touching family along the way that had genuine love for my daughter and for me. It can say today, seeing BLACKLIVESMATTER downtown Martinez in front of courtsakes me feel more than proud to be apart of this community.. my home residence over 16 yrs.

    1. I am terribly sorry for the disrespect shown your family. The same Junior High school you speak of is where I danced my first jitterbug with a handsome black teen. I asked him! He accepted. It was one of the best memories in my life. Many of the teen girls started asking him to dance. That was 70 years ago! Skin color has never changed my mind about respect for others.

  4. Which streets are going to be ‘Italian Lives Matter’, ‘Portuguese Lives Matter’, ‘Native American Lives Matter’, ‘Spanish Lives Matter’, and the list goes on, and on. I’ve never met a person in Our Wonderful Community that expressed dislike for someone because of their skin color. Let’s be different then the rest of our unhappy Country. Let us move forward in a positive, respectful manner…..for all people.

    1. Feel free to pay for the permit and get clearance for your movement. And, please show how you have been oppressed and the reason for your movement. Have a really to educate people and further you movement and cause.

    2. I wasn’t aware that something was happening in large numbers that’s supported with stats for Italians? I am trying to understand how all lives matter ,but if you speak about something that really is hurting one of the groups in society that should be welcome but it is not. It is because ALL LIVE MATTER is designed to stop people from speaking about what is bothering them. If you didn’t know many groups like the ones that support the confederate flag like to scream about all lives matter or white lives matter . No one never said whites don’t matter or others don’t matter. Many times people have said black lives matter is not to say that no one else matters. it is to say that some things are happening to affect a group of people that might don’t affect you . I don’t support all of the messages of black lives matter , but to pretend that nothing is happening is just plain wrong. I see support for the natives and I see support for eveyone . What pisses people off is when blacks say anything . We are the most hated in this country . As black woman I have experience alot of racism even living in the bay area. I am in the medical field and a white man last saturday told me how horrible people are in my race while I was helping him . It was so sad to have to help someone that hated me so much. Do you know what it feels like to study for years to help take care of others only to encounter those that hate you ? It is so hurtful to try to do a job you love while someone strikes at your race as if you fit all stereotypes they spit. Please tell me when blacks call the police on iltains , whites and others so they can kill them ? please tell me how police are rapist of iltain women ? please tell me when iltain women are getting murder while in their own house minding their own business? What about the nooses found in Oakland’s merrit lake? are those nooses for your people ? is those warnings for your people ? stop being an asshole!!!!!!!

  5. Black lives do matter. However , all lives matter. But somehow the homeless lives are out if the equation! So if you want to believe that lives matter , then All lives should matter.Wouldnt that be nice.

    1. That is how it should be and all lives do In fact matter but I agree with you about the homeless population so if all lives truly matter why are the homeless still out there struggling why are there not more programs for those less unfortunate to help them get on there feet and why when they do begin to get on their feet the state or county cut their aid that makes them struggle to give up trying to get back up .
      It’s a never ending problem and never ending battle.
      This defunding of police that’s going on why don’t they apply that to programs to get the homeless off the city streets as that problem decreases property values and adds to the crime rate ?
      Anyway love your point and you are so right so why doesn’t the government fix it ?

  6. Black lives do matter. However , all lives matter. But somehow the homeless lives are out if the equation! So if you want to believe that lives matter , then All lives should matter.Wouldnt that be nice.

  7. And this White couple decided to paint over it the same day. Apparently, they were stopped before defacing too much of it. Imagine putting in the effort to do this and then acting appalled when society deems you a racist. I don’t know why so many White people are so eager to make complete asses of themselves on social media lately. Do they not watch the news to k ow what’s going on? Notice they knew when to sneak and do this. When no one was around. Fitting that they would be cowards as fear is central to racism.

    Lol look at this hateful pond scum. We need names.


  8. Proud of our City Residents for their support in acknowledging our Country needs to stop once and for all the blatant racism that keeps Minorities and ALL women in unequal status to our White Brothers.

  9. WOW!!! ALL LIVES MATTER!!! This is absolutely RIDICULOUS and honestly makes me sick!!!! How do you not see this as a huge slap in the face and EXTREMELY RACIST??? I’m highly disappointed in the city of Martinez for allowing this.. Way to go ASSCLOWNS!!!

    1. Absolutely discriminatory in its intent, which is to separate and divide races. It doesn’t solve a thing and does not encourage dialogue. I moved to Martinez 1964. My children were born there went to school there, and I worked there, married there. The people of Martinez are not racist. The government has been infiltrated with extreme leftists views.

  10. Why was this even permitted without bringing it to a council meeting in the first place? Is that even legal?? Why wasn’t this voted upon by the residents of Martinez? Enough with this virtue posting nonsense! Stop with these divisions! Stop with this false narrative!! If you absolutely must paint something on PUBLIC PROPERTY, choose something with an inclusive message, such as “Good Character Matters”!

  11. How is saying BLM racist?? It’s not BLM more, or BLM and yours doesn’t. It just means they matter too!! Yours already does. Obviously, all lives matter, but it isn’t ALL LIVES that face racial discrimination on a daily, free or not. You obviously haven’t educated yourself on what it means. BLM is an organization against police brutality. Wake up!! Just because something isnt important to you, or isn’t something you have to worry about, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Again, EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

  12. I’d like Italian lives matter to please be written on all the Martinez streets.

    Also, BLM is so blatantly racist it is very ironic. I ha e lived for 32 years in Mtz, and am not surprised Martinians painted over the mural and quickly. And “where were the police?” As one commenter put it…well, friends, painting BLM on court st. is an act of protest. Painting over it with black paint is also an act of protest. See the irony in complaining that one protest is better than the other? Or that one is racist and the other is not? And the media divides us once again. What would life be like if you shut off all your social media accounts, and let your only influencers be your closest family and close friend. What if you only got your news from your favorite news outlets and let your social media accounts lay dormant? Would you start thinking for yourself?

    Just wondering.

  13. How did they get a permit to paint a city street that’s funded by tax payer money. Where Martinez residents consulted? Who’s paying yo remove it hope it’s not tax payer money. Who approved the permit is what I am going to find out.

  14. When your friend has a birthday party, do you show up and scream, “Everybody has birthdays!” ? When you see a walk for breast cancer, do you scream, “All cancers matter!” ?

  15. “All Lives Matter” can’t be true unless and until Black Lives Matter!
    Arrest the criminals with the black paint, they are victims of their own racist upbringing, vandalizing a permitted street painting.

  16. City Manager Eric Figueroa fast tracked this “mural?” He needs to go. This Marxist BS has no place in Martinez.

  17. From Black Lives Matter Platform TO ALL THE MOTHERS HELPING PAINT THE STREET: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/?fbclid=IwAR1nR-YXbdmgTgmcVoURmFhIlVR5k_1JKBfqdz4ual28i-TUqCqLWNbFdbc

  18. What you are not being told is these people were hunted down by BLM and their house and car were spray painted with BLM graffiti. The husband was fired from his job. If you would like to complain about why the street was painted in the first place or general concerns, call the City of Martinez at 925/372-3052 and call the City Attorney to ask why these people are being unfairly treated and why BLM isn’t being prosecuted at 925/372-3502

    1. What you are also NOT being told is that BLM supporters violently terrorized an entire neighborhood looking for these two. A neighborhood which, up until now, had children playing in the VERY SAFE streets on a daily basis. This behavior by BLM supporters does nothing to garner support for their mission. To the contrary, it drives a further rift between any people who might be beginning to understand the BLM movement. Why can’t we all set aside all of the divisive hate speech and harrowing actions and work together to become the America we can all be proud of?

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