City of Martinez Expands Communication with Residents and Businesses

Encourages E-Newsletter Subscriptions 


MARTINEZ, CA – The City of Martinez has implemented new measures this year to  broaden public communication to encourage open dialogue and maintain transparency  between residents and the City.  

The City recently launched its first e-newsletter that will circulate significant and timely City  updates to subscribers. The launching of the City’s e-newsletter was of high interest by  participants at a Communications Workshop held jointly by the Planning Commission,  Parks, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission and the Anti-Racism and  Discrimination and Pro-Inclusion and Equity Task Force earlier this year. 

The e-newsletter will include various announcements such as community meetings and  events, and information about resources, programs, and city services. Residents are  encouraged to sign up for the e-newsletter to receive the periodic summaries of important  City news and announcements. 

Additional Communication Measures Implemented 

The City also launched an updated website in March 2022 with a user-friendly interface and  translatable content. The City also posts frequent announcements and City news to its  social media channels. The City uses the connectivity of social media to provide residents  with quick and easily accessible information. Residents are encouraged to follow the City of  Martinez on Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor. Grassroots community outreach is  expanding with the establishment of a community database that quickly connects the City  with community leaders to aid in the distribution of important city information.  

In order to amplify the voices of residents and ensure key City messages are being  communicated to the public, the City understood it needed a multi-faceted communication  program to reach the most people. “It is important we meet our residents where they are,  whether that’s through social media, e-mail or interpersonal engagement with our  community stakeholders,” stated Assistant City Manager Michael Chandler. “Ease of 

access to important City news helps ensure key decisions are aligned with the values of  Martinez residents.” 

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