City of Martinez Call for artists

MARTINEZ – The City of Martinez is launching a Utility Box Public Art Pilot Project and inviting artists to submit applications to participate in the program. Applicants who are selected to create the art will receive a $750 stipend per box set. Artists may submit an application for one utility box set, or may submit an application for multiple box sets. The City may select a single artist for all four box sets or may select multiple artists.

Applications are due by December 4, 2019.

The beautification initiative is designed to add to the vibrancy of the downtown, Alhambra Avenue corridor, and Virginia Hills neighborhoods. The artists identified for this pilot project will help transform dull and unsightly utility boxes throughout the community into attractive and captivating works of art that will enhance the beauty of the City’s streets and sidewalks for years to come.

Go to to download the Call for Artists application for the City of Martinez Utility Box Public Art Pilot Project.

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