Coffee Talk: Rain clouds parting soon

Martinez Gazette Columnist

Good morning Martinez! How are we doing with all this rain? There should be no talk about a drought for a while. Or at least, I hope not.

With all this rain, I have been going nuts staying indoors, a little stir crazy. All this indoors and Netflix has affected my ability to stay focus. It is just not a youngster thing. So, while I am enjoying my honey latte from States Coffee here is a glimpse of my random thoughts.

Bryce Harper finally signed, and he is off to Philadelphia. Thirteen years for $330 million is a lot of money. There really is no need to discuss whether a ball player is worth that kind of money because the fact is no player is worth that kind of money. I think the most interesting part of the contract negotiations that should make everyone in Sacramento sit up and notice was the fact taxes did play a part in his decision.

The California tax rate after earnings of a million dollars is 13.3% and that starts to add up to a lot of money when you are talking about $25 million/year. That come to about just over $3 million/year into the state coffer. Or over $39 million over 13 years. The fact is Bryce reminded us that there is an amount people are willing to pay to live in Cali.

Warriors are on two-game losing streak, but do not worry. First, they will make the playoffs. Second, it takes a while for player like DeMarcus Cousins to fit into the team’s system. The next twenty games will be about adjusting and making sure the pieces all fit together. Though it will not be an easy playoff run for the Warriors. Other teams have copied their success with three-point shooters and are starting to figure out how to defend the Warriors. I still like Golden State in any seven-game series against any NBA team.

I can not wait for the baseball season to start. I really do need to get outside. The A’s just announced they are offering “Tree House Passes” again this year. One of the best bargains for those of us who are kinda of cheap. I might be the only one who loves the Oakland Coliseum. It’s our home, warts and all, but that what makes it so great. You can catch me in centerfield soaking up the baseball vibe this summer.

Bringing it closer to home, Martinez Unified School District has joined the Sandy Hook Promise to give our kids the courage to build their own “safe” environment. Two programs, “Say Hello” and “Say Something” will go a long way to assisting our kids to take our schools to a higher level.

If you have not been downtown lately, you need to get down there. For years, I have heard people complain there was nothing downtown. Well, that has changed. We have great restaurants, two breweries, and that hometown feel that we strive to be part of in our lives. The business owners have come downtown to support Martinez and now its your time to reciprocate.

Besides if you stay indoors too long you might be all over the place like this column. Have a great day.

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