Damned Skaters Defeat Quad City Bombshells 225-114

Quad City Bombshells drew first blood Saturday at Paradise Skate in Antioch. The Alameda-based team kept that lead and foiled the Damned Skaters’ jammers for several rounds in the roller derby bout.

Then Damned Skaters jammer Mouse Click slipped past the visitors’ blockers and began lapping the pack, racking up 35 points in a single jam.

Those were the first points for her Antioch team on top 35-22.

From then on, the Damned Skaters were in charge of the bout, building on their scores and controlling the jams.

Antioch jammers occasionally were sent to the penalty box, but Quad City jammers accumulated more. That meant the home team jammers had no competition while adding more points to the scoreboard.

That’s how Damned Skaters jammer Oxytoxin scored 10 more points to give her team a 119-59 lead at halftime.

The Rotten Truth, Kill ‘Em Dafoe and Ogre Protective kept the Damned Skaters ahead.

Antioch was leading 151-81 when Mouse Click, wearing the star for the Damned Skaters, pushed the score up to 170 when Quad City jammer Sweet D’Cay was sent to the penalty box.

Quad City blockers didn’t make it easy for Mouse Click. As she fought to get through the pack, the visitors knocked her off her skates three times, and she hit the track before calling off the jam.

Ankill Biter, jamming for Quad City, put her team into triple digits and capitalized on a short power jam when Damned Skaters’ Sultry Savage sat out her penalty.

But Kill ‘Em Dafoe answered, getting her team to a 200-100 lead.

Damned Skaters blockers limited Quad City jammer Slick Mic to two points while Antioch jammer Lefty Loopsy delivered a 25-point jam for her team. By then, the score was 225-102.

Those would be the last points for Antioch. Quad City blockers stymied the Damned Skaters jammers for six more jams. Meanwhile, the Bombshells added 12 more points to their score.

The visitors is a smaller squad and borrowed skaters to field a full team, Mabel Syrup said after the bout. Fortunately, “the derby community has a lot of connections,” she said.

“We have a mix of players,” she said. But they have been working hard to skate in the same cohesive style.

It’s easier when a team regularly skates together, she said. “But we made it work today.”

The Rotten Truth said the Damned Skaters have had a consistent team for the past two years. Even as they battle to score and to block their opponents, “we know where everybody is.” Another team strength is communication, she said.

The Damned Skaters and the entire Undead Roller Derby league is looking for more skaters, too, she said.

Unlike some sports, walk-ins are welcome in roller derby, and prospective players don’t need to come in knowing how to skate. Besides non-skating positions, the league has openings for skaters, who get training from scratch on the skills needed for the game.

“It’s a great stress relief,” Rotten Truth said, and roller derby skating is a good core workout that improves balance. “There are so many things I can do off track that I couldn’t do before,” she said.

Another benefit is becoming part of the overall roller derby family, she said, and the relationships that develop are strong. “You hit them – then go for a drink!”

Those interested may visit the Undead Roller Derby’s website, www.undeadrd.com, and may email questions to join@undeadrd.com.

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