Earth Day, Muir’s birthday, NPS Centennial celebrated

MARTINEZ, Calif. – Environmentalist John Muir, who was instrumental in launching the National Park Service and helped found the Sierra Club, would have been 180 years old this year.

His birthday, the 47th anniversary of Earth Day, the National Park Service Centennial and the 62nd anniversary of the John Muir Association were celebrated Saturday in a single free public event at the John Muir National Historic Site, 4202 Alhambra Ave.

To encourage trading cars for pollution free transportation, free bicycle tuneups were available through 511 Contra Costa. Booths provided information about conservation, ecology and pollution threats, and area musicians entertained throughout the day.

Park visitors toured the home his family shared with his father, Dr. John Strentzel, and saw the desk in Muir’s upstairs “scribble den,” where the conservationist wrote when he wasn’t wandering on excursions. They also got to see a portrayal of Muir at his birthday celebration.

Jamie Fox, of the Alhambra Hills Open Space Committee, who is advocating to save the Alhambra Highlands from development, attended to encourage visitors to write Richfield Investment, requesting the corporation continue negotiating for the open space’s preservation.

“The Earth Day event in Martinez is getting better every year,” Fox said. “It really makes me proud. The atmosphere in the springtime with the green grass, the creek, the trees and all the very interesting booths with fun and games for kids and adults – it’s amazing. Muir would be proud, too, I believe.”

(photos by Jamie Fox)

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  1. The Earth Day celebration in Martinez, home of John Muir has changed my life for the best.
    The town of Martinez is a charming town on the bay and the people are so nice. Each year for the last plus twenty years I have traveled down to the John Muir National historic site from the Sierra foothills on Earth Day. It is an experience that is uplifting, fun and full of interesting history of Muir and Martinez.
    I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful folks who love the area, enjoy working toward saving the earth and strive to make the natural world a better place for all creatures.
    Thank you John Muir and all Martinez folks.

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