Funds for infrastructure mean lighting and road projects

Martinez News-Gazette Reporter

MARTINEZ, Calif. – With the passage of municipal Measure D and funds from California State SB1, there has been road work all over Martinez this summer. Deputy Director of Public Works Don Salts gave the City council Infrastructure Subcommittee an update on the projects, answered questions about the quality of paving, and explained the replacement of the light poles in Martinez Civic Center Park at city hall on July 2.

Salts said he was looking for feedback on the road work and the Ignacio Plaza Lighting Project.

There are 16 stylized light poles in the park surrounding Ignacio Plaza at City Hall. The city council directed staff to look at expedited removal and replacement after two of them fell. Though no one was injured by the incidents, for health and safety reasons the council is eager to have them replaced as soon as possible.

According to Public Works staff, the problem with the poles is that they tend to become loosened from the base/foundation. One worker said they are checking to poles regular basis to be sure they are not leaning or showing signs of instability until the new poles are installed.

The proposed new poles would look similar to the existing ones, but would have a more substantial base made of cast aluminum. The fluted formed poles would be secured with heavy bolts, and they would be more energy efficient, with LED lighting, according to the report.

The big question is whether to add electrical outlets to them, so long extension cords would not be required for outdoor events. While city staff agreed that it would be a good idea to have them, according to Public Works staff, outlets installed at the Waterfront Park area were vandalized soon after their installation. One worker said, “We put locks on them, and they cut them off. Then there was a danger that some could be shocked by damaged wires.”

The issue was not resolved at the meeting. More research is being done.

Road projects at Harbor View Drive north of Shell, Fountainhead Court, Arnold Drive at Pacheco, and Huntington Court have been completed.

There is a list of minor sealing and repair projects underway. They are mostly dig-out and replacement situations.

The 2018-2019 Measure D projects contracted with American Pavement Systems will be complete in August, according to Salts.

Finally, a three-year project, with the list of streets listed at the city website began on July 1. The company doing the work is McGuire & Hester. Salts said city staff works directly with the contractors to assure proper quality and workmanship on the projects. This project is funded by Measures J & D, and the Martinez share of the California gas tax.

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