Happy retirement, Donna

“I write for our readers” was one of the first things Donna Beth Weilenman said when she was hired at the Gazette and it stayed true until her last story.

Donna Beth has decided to retire after 50 years in the newspaper industry, working at newspaers from Florida to California. Today’s edition is her last for the Gazette.

Donna Beth started at the Gazette three years ago and instantly made an indelible impression on Martinez news.

Reporting on complex matters such as voter districting and the Pine Meadow development, Donna Beth always displayed the highest degree of professionalism.

Always fair and unbiased in her reporting, Donna Beth was a true old school reporter, always sitting on the front row of meetings taking copious notes. Her attention to detail was unparalleled. She is an editor’s dream.

Donna Beth made the Gazette a better news source and her coverage made the residents of Martinez more informed. As the only reporter on staff, Donna Beth single-handedly covered every part of Martinez – city hall, schools, police, courts, and downtown. Every edition has been filled with her stories.

Thanks for everything you have meant to the Gazette.

We wish Donna a happy and peaceful retirement. Her husband Ken and beloved pets will deservedly get her time now.

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