Letter to the Editor: Alhambra Valley still opposed to annexation

The Alhambra Valley Improvement Association has always opposed the annexation of Alhambra Valley.

The Valley lies south west of the city, from south of John Swett School to the T at Reliez Vallely Road and Alhambra Valley Road, east to just beyond the curve on Reliez and west to the pig farm at the crest of the hill on AV Rd.

First, AVIA opposes the annexation because it would raise taxes on Valley owners due to multi-million dollar bond measure F passed by the city to fund the pool, parks, and library. Valley owners could have their taxes raised by at least several hundred dollars a year.

Second, AVIA fears that the city will change the current zoning. By law the city can change the zoning after two years. The city has often changed zoning to accommodate development; therefore, it is logical that they would do so in the Valley.

The last time the city tried to annex a portion of the Valley AVIA was able to prevent 80 properties from being annexed.. We are committed this time, as well.


Hal Olson, President, AVIA

Marie Olson, Secretary, AVIA

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