Letter to the Editor: I did not retire, I was ‘forced out’

I would like to correct the record as stated by Bill Sharkey III in the Sunday, Nov. 4 Martinez News-Gazette with regard to my leaving the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.

I did not leave that entity voluntarily. I was forced out and terminated by the Board of Directors.

It’s true as Mr. Sharkey says that I started the Crisis Nursery thirty seven years ago and have worked there for thirty seven years. I thank him also for his kind words regarding our accomplishments but my being forced out will take the Crisis Nursery in a whole different direction.

As a Catholic Nun I never accepted public money to run our charitable organization. We always made it work financially because we were faith based in the real way. We trusted in the Lord and He trusted in us that we would be there for mother’s, father’s and children in crisis.

In the last four months alone, before I left, we provided parents with a safe place for their babies during times of crisis or when a respite break was need – during this time 270 little ones were admitted to the Nursery.

Public funding and my termination, will change everything that we, with God’s grace, have built at the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.

Thank You,
– Sister Ann Weltz

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