Letter to the Editor: Say ‘no’ to gun range

My name is Bob Kluber and I am against allowing a gun range in downtown Martinez.

I am a 44-year Martinez resident and a gun owner, who has seen our downtown blossom into a rose. A rose has thorns to discourage critters from eating it and humans from touching it. Our rose, Martinez, has no thorns. It has an inviting atmosphere that begs to you to savor its beauty and sample its offerings. We will be putting a thorn on our rose by allowing the gun range in Martinez’ downtown.

That thorn will be the perception that Martinez has not really evolved from he gritty town that it once was. And perception is 99% of reality. The sounds of gunfire do not mix with the quiet air that pervades downtown save for the rumble of trains and the music coming from Armando’s and other venues. (As an engineer I can safely say that the proposed gun range will not be able to practically muffle the gun shots. The larger caliber and automatic weapons will sound like distant firecrackers.)

I urge you to recommend denying the application for a gun range and keep Martinez’ rose thorn free.

– Bob Kluber

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