Letter to the Editor: Thank you Measure I supporters

The Martinez city council certified Measure I at the July 18 meeting and a cheer went up from the gallery. The citizens of our city owe a deep debt of gratitude to Tim Platt and the other tenacious people who saw the need and fought for two long years against a mayor and city council determined to develop as much open space as possible. Our city representatives put up a long and unethical fight including lawsuits funded with our public money, creation of a bogus Measure F to confuse voters, and disseminating misleading information about Measure I that made voters fear that their private land could de signated open space by Measure I. And they had the unmitigated gall to misrepresent Measure I in the Official Voter Guide.

But despite all of their efforts the majority of Martinez citizens saw their actions for what they were and now the citizens will get to vote before this mayor and council can convert more open space for development. This is a huge win for the city of Martinez but brings up another very important matter. The mayor and one of the city council members who proved they do act in the best interests of our citizens are up for re-election this fall. We must replace them with representatives who know what that word means. They work for us.

There were citizens who spoke at this council meeting who were concerned with flood control, upcoming labor contract negotiations, lawlessness, and traffic nightmares. We can control our own destiny if some of these people or others they know will step up and run for office. I am too old and spend to much time out of the city to run but those of you who are raising families here should invest personal commitment to city government to make our city the best that it can be now and in the future. And developers may not give so much financial support to the mayor and councilwoman this time around now that the citizens will decide on open space use.

It is time for the next generation to step up and take control of our stagnant city government. Seize the opportunity and don’t look back.

­– Corinne O’Connor

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