Martinez Museum pandemic project


Calling all Martinez Historians!

We invite all Martinez individuals — families, adults, children, business people, frontline and essential workers, first-responders, etc. — to help us record life in Martinez during the 2020 Coronavirus/Shelter-in-Place

Your contributions will be saved in the Martinez Museum and shared with visitors to the museum interested in learning about these strange times.

On one side of an 8.5  x 11 inch piece of paper please draw, paint, sketch or create a collage that shows: 

  1. What your day looked like during the Shelter-in-Place
  2. What you missed most during the Shelter-in-Place
  3. What you liked best about Shelter-in-Place
  4. What was the best/worst/strangest thing that happened to you
  5. What your summer plans look like
  6. What you look forward to after the Shelter-in-Place is over
  7. Anything else about life during the Pandemic Shelter-in-Place that you’d  like to share

Suggestions:  Photographs of activities, cartoon-like sketches, collage, sketch or drawing of life during the Shelter-in-Place, etc.

On the other side of the 8×10 piece of paper please record your memories and/or thoughts about life during the Shelter-in-Place.  Write a narrative, a poem, a song or a story about your experiences during the 2020 Pandemic/Shelter-in-Place.

Please include your name and age and send your documentation of Life in Martinez During the 2020 Pandemic Shelter-in-Place to:

Martinez Museum
PO Box 14, Martinez, CA 94553

Thank you!


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