Martinez Police blotter for April 16-31, 2019

On April 16th at 6:03 am, Corporal Schnabel took a burglary report in the 600 block of Fig Tree Lane, where an unknown suspect was rummaging through a vehicle and was chased off by one of the neighbors. Case# 19-1080.

At 9:35 am, Officer Winslett took a theft report in the 700 block of Arnold Drive. The loss was a catalytic converter. Case# 19-1084.

At 1:11 pm, Corporal Schnabel took a stolen vehicle report from a resident in the 600 block of Center Avenue. Case# 19-1085.

On April 17th at 10:24 am, Officer Voyvodich conducted a probation search at a residence in the 900 block of Bella Vista Avenue. A man in the residence was arrested for multiple warrants. Case# 19-1090.

At 11:15 am, Officer Miller responded to a burglary at a business in the 1000 block of Court Street. The back door to the business had been forced open, a computer and jewelry were taken. Case# 19-1091.

At 10:56 pm, Sergeant Moore was dispatched Walgreens for an auto burglary. The victim’s window was smashed and items were taken from the vehicle. Case# 19-1094.

On April 18th at 12:00 pm, Corporal Baillie took an embezzlement report. Case# 19-1097.

At 3:45 pm, Sergeant Gaul arrested a woman on Castro Street for a warrant. Case# 19- 1098.

At 3:45 pm, Officer Wah arrested a woman at the marina for public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia. Case# 19-1099.

At 4:30 pm, Officer Buda took a report of a stolen vehicle from the 1300 block of Arnold Drive. Case# 19-1100.

At 9:06 pm, Corporal Mayberry arrested a man in the 600 block of Escobar Street for riding his motorcycle with a suspended license. Case# 19-1101.

At 9:21 pm, Sergeant Muncher took an auto burglary report at Nob Hill, where the victim’s car window was smashed and her back pack was taken. Case# 19-1102.

At 9:57 pm, Officer Montano recovered a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 100 block of Blue Ridge Drive. Case# 19-1103.

At 10:25 pm, Officer Parsons made a traffic stop in the 500 block of Escobar Street. The driver was arrested for possession of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. Case# 19-1104.

At 1:33 pm, Lieutenant Salamid was on patrol in the parking area of 1021 Arnold Dr. (Walmart) when he contacted a 53-year-old man from Concord. The man had a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest and was cite released. Case# 19-1108.

On April 19th at 2:38 pm, Martinez Police Department officers responded to a report of a head on traffic collision on Alhambra Ave. at Alhambra Valley Road. Officers arrived and located two involved vehicles. Both vehicles were occupied by a single driver. One 60- year-old man was found unresponsive behind the wheel. Officers attempted life saving measures but the man was pronounced deceased at the scene. The other driver, a 64- year-old woman, was transported to John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek, with non- life threatening injuries. Alcohol or drugs are not suspected but the investigation is ongoing. The name of the deceased is being held pending notification of next of kin. Officer Wah, Sergeant Gaul, Corporal Baillie, Lieutenant Salamid, Officer Buda, Case# 19-1110.

On April 20th at 3:06 am, Corporal Mayberry checked on a suspicious vehicle parked on Palm Ave. near Leslie Drive. The occupant was contacted and a search revealed he was in possession of drug paraphernalia and pepper spray. He is a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing tear gas items. He was arrested and cite released from the scene for the two misdemeanor charges. Case# 19-1116.

At 2:04 pm, officers responded to the 600 block of Ward Street for a report of a woman chasing people holding a needle. Officers arrived and contacted a 32-year-old woman from San Francisco. She was in possession of methamphetamine and a hypodermic needle, and she was arrested for 11377(a) H&S and 4140 B&P. She was cite released and provided transportation to Concord. Case# 19-1119 by Officer Wah.

At 2:29 pm, officers responded to 3334 Alhambra Ave. (Safeway) for a report of an intoxicated man. Officers arrived and contacted a 32-year-old man from Martinez and arrested him for 647(f) PC (Public Intoxication). The man was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF). Case# 19- 1120 by Officer Wah.

On April 21st at 12:30 am, officers responded to the 1400 block of Court Street for a report of a person who had been pepper sprayed. The victim arrived home and when he exited his car, two suspects in dark hooded sweatshirts, possibly wearing masks, walked up on the victim quickly. The victim was sprayed in the face and the suspects fled north on Court Street. The area was searched and the suspects were not located. Corporal Mayberry case# 19-1122.

At 2:13 am, Corporal Mayberry received an automated license plate reader match on a stolen vehicle that was parked unoccupied in the 800 block of Howe Road. The 2002 Dodge truck was reported stolen earlier in the day to Contra Costa CHP. The owner was unable to respond so the vehicle was towed. Case# 19-1123.

At 5:30 pm, a solo Vallejo PD unit followed a vehicle over the bridge that was wanted in connection with a drive by shooting. It exited at Marina Vista and MPD units assisted in a high risk stop without incident.

At 5:45 pm, Officer Wah observed a highly intoxicated man on Alhambra Ave. at Ward Street. The man was arrested for public intoxication and booked into MDF. Case# 19- 1127.

At 4:50 pm, Officer Miller responded to a male yelling on Alhambra Avenue, near Robinson Street. He was arrested for public intoxication Case# 19-1140.

At 6:08 pm, Officers Espinoza and Schnabel responded to the old Amtrak Station for a physical altercation between two men. The fight was over stolen property and the parties were separated when officers arrived. One of the involved parties refused to comply with the officers’ commands and assumed a fighting stance. Both officers deployed their Tasers and the aggressive man was taken into custody without further incident. Case# 19-1141.

At 9:35 am, Corporal Schnabel took a stolen vehicle report from a resident in the 800 block of Center Avenue. The vehicle was later recovered by Antioch Police. Case# 19- 1146.

At 4:42 pm, during an investigation regarding a dog in a vehicle during the hot weather, Lieutenant Salamid contacted and arrested a woman for possession of methamphetamine. Case# 19-1152.

At 5:23 pm, Officer Miller arrested a woman in the 2500 block of Fern Leaf Lane for public intoxication. Case# 19-1153.

At 10:58 am, Officer Miller arrested a man in the MPD lobby. The man was turning himself in for a warrant. Case# 19-1158.

At 3:56 pm, Officer Miller arrested a man at Safeway (downtown) for public intoxication. Case# 19-1163.

At 7:56 pm, Officer Voyvodich responded to Jack in the Box for vandalism (graffiti) in the bathroom. Case# 19-1166.

At 4:14 pm, Officer Lincoln took a stolen vehicle report from a resident in the 300 block of Shenandoah Drive. Case# 19-1173.

At 9:09 pm, Officer Montano arrested a man for DUI. The man was located and arrested after he fled the scene of a hit & run collision and struck the curb near Walgreen’s, flipping his vehicle onto its side. Case# 19-1174.

On April 26th at 12:45 pm, Corporal Baillie responded to the 700 block of Arnold Drive for a theft. There were two suspects, a man and a woman, and they stole two catalytic converters and attempted to steal a third from county vehicles that were parked in the lot. Case# 19-1176.

At 5:00 pm, officers were dispatched to Fountainhead Court for a subject refusing to leave. He was identified as a 31-year-old man from Martinez. He was not compliant and was placed in a WRAP without incident. He was booked into the Main Detention Facility (MDF) for obstructing/delaying a police officer. Corporal Baillie case# 19-1177.

At 7:34 pm, Officer Montano contacted a man near Walmart and arrested him for a warrant. He was cited and then released at the scene. Case# 19-1178.

At 7:56 pm, MPD units received a license plate reader alert for a reported stolen vehicle traveling east on Hwy 4 from the Hercules area. Corporal Mayberry located the vehicle which yielded on the freeway under the Center Ave. overpass. The driver was arrested and claimed he rented the car from a person who never returned to pick it up. The man was booked into MDF for possession of a stolen vehicle. Case# 19-1179.

On April 27th at 12:09 am, officers responded to the 4900 block of Milano Way for a report of a vehicle that hit a retaining wall. There was no damage and the driver was arrested and booked into MDF for driving under the influence of alcohol. Officer Montano case# 19-1181.

At 3:05 am, Corporal Mayberry contacted a man on Sierra Avenue. The man was arrested for a warrant and was in possession of controlled substances (methamphetamine and heroin). He was booked into MDF. Case# 19-1182.

At 1:43 pm, Officer Wah conducted a pedestrian stop on Olympic Drive. He arrested a 34-year-old woman on a warrant. Case# 19-1185.

At 4:28 pm, Officer Montano responded to the 3300 block of Alhambra Avenue regarding a man who ran up on a woman and started throwing items at her. The man was arrested for PC 647(f) (Public Intoxication) and booked into MDF.

At 8:24 pm, we received a license plate reader alert. The alert was for stolen license plates that belonged on a Nissan Altima. Corporal Mayberry located the plates on a black older model Saturn. The Saturn drove to the Pleasant Hill Target Parking lot were officers from Martinez and Pleasant Hill conducted a high risk stop. The driver was the owner of the Saturn and claimed the license plates were on it when he purchased the vehicle. The license plates were recovered and removed from the Stolen Vehicle System. Corporal Mayberry case# 19-1187.

On April 28th at 1:44 am, Sergeant Busciglio contacted a man in the parking lot of 3800 Vista Oaks Drive. The man was arrested and cite released at the scene for possession of heroin. Case# 19-1189.

At 3:04 am, Corporal Mayberry responded to 120 Berrellesa Street to investigate a report of robbery that happened over thirty minutes prior. Two juveniles claimed they were in the Marina (Yacht Club parking lot) with two other friends. A car pulled in and three unknown suspects got out and demanded the juveniles give them their phones. Items were given over and the suspects left. No one was injured and no weapons were seen. Investigation continuing, case# 19-1190.

At 9:30 am, Officer Buda responded to an auto burglary that occurred in the 100 block of Sunnybrae Court. It occurred between 10 pm the prior night to the time of the call. The vehicle’s window was smashed and a purse and $500.00 cash were stolen. Case# 19- 1192.

At 3:00 pm, Officer Estanol handled an auto burglary report that had occurred at Franklin Canyon Park and Ride. It occurred between approximately noon and the time of the call. The vehicle’s window was smashed and a duffel bag with gym clothes was taken. Incident #1904280035.

At 3:45 pm, Detective Sergeant Moore responded to a welfare check. The 82-year-old woman had passed away. No foul play. Case# 19-1194.

At 10:40 pm, Officer Parsons stopped a vehicle near 601 Marina Vista and arrested the driver for driving while his privilege was suspended for DUI. He was cite released. Case# 19-1197.

On April 29th at 12:18 am, a citizen reported a subject driving away from 4141 Alhambra Ave. who appeared intoxicated. Officer Parsons located the vehicle as it drove north on Alhambra Ave. near E Street. He stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver for driving while intoxicated. The man was processed at the station then released to a sober adult. Case# 19-1198.

At 1:34 am, Officer Montano stopped a vehicle on Arnold Dr. at Shadowfalls Dr. and arrested the driver for a warrant and possession of methamphetamine. He was booked into MDF. Case# 19-1199.

At 7:10 am, Officer Voyvodich took a theft report at a business in the 900 block of Howe Road. Items were stolen from the storage yard and vehicles. Case# 19-1200.

At 8:31 am, Officer Voyvodich located an unoccupied stolen vehicle in the 200 block of Buena Vida Court. Case# 19-1204.

At 12:48 pm, Officer Miller contacted and arrested a man at Amtrak for an outstanding warrant. Case# 19-1207.

At 1:30 pm, Officer Voyvodich took a stolen vehicle report. The vehicle is a 2000 Ford F- 250 XLT. Case# 19-1208.

At 2:27 pm, officers responded to the 2800 block of Alhambra Avenue for a call of a homeless man who entered someone’s vehicle. The caller removed the man and the man was still in the area sitting in the parking lot. The homeless man then got on the hood of a vehicle that was in traffic. He then got off the hood and got into the bed of a pickup truck. Officer Voyvodich arrested the man for 647(f) (Public Intoxication) and booked him into MDF. Case# 19-1209.

On April 30th at 6:21 am, officers were dispatched to a possible Coroners Case on Arreba Street. Officers arrived and found a 99-year-old female had passed during the night. Sheriff’s Office released her to Connolly and Taylor. Officer Miller took case# 19-1212.

At 11:03 am, Officer Voyvodich was dispatched to the police department lobby for a theft that occurred yesterday in the 300 block of Embarcadero. The victim reported radio detection transmitters were stolen from Cablecom work trucks. Loss value $7,000.00. Case# 19-1222.

At 4:42 pm, Officer Montano responded to Howe Road for a stolen vehicle report. The vehicle is a 2004 Ford F250. Case# 12-1225.

At 8:00 pm, Officer Lincoln contacted 36-year-old man at 3600 Pine Street. The man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and booked into MDF. Case# 19-1226.

Thanks to Chief Manjit Sappal and Renee Jacobs of the the Martinez Police Department.

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