Martinez Police Blotter for Oct. 1-15, 2019

On October 1st at 10:01 am, Detective Carney arrested a male for trespassing at a residence in the 400 block of Trailhead Way. Case# 19-2677.

At 7:53 pm, officers received an LPR alert of a stolen vehicle on Alhambra Avenue. Officer Ramos located the vehicle, unoccupied, at the Seven Flags Carwash. Case# 19-2683.

On October 2nd at 9:01 am, Officer Leong responded to an apartment in the 1100 block of Ferry Street for a deceased male. There were no signs of foul play and the investigation is pending. Case# 19-2684.

At 3:13 pm, Officer Angoco contacted a male sleeping near Starbuck’s in the Main Street Plaza. He was arrested for a warrant. Case# 19-2689.

At 9:37 pm, Officer Voyvodich recovered an unoccupied stolen vehicle that was blocking a lane in the 900 block of Arnold Drive. Case# 19- 2690.

On October 3rd at 7:00 am, officers responded to the 800 block of Arnold Drive for an auto burglary in progress. A male matching the description, and in possession of property from the vehicle burglary was contacted leaving the area. He was arrested by Officer Wah for possession of stolen property and probation violation. Case# 19-2692.

At 11:13 am, Officer Weems stopped a vehicle on Monterrey Avenue near Wilson Avenue. The male driver was on probation and a search was conducted. The male was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Case# 19-2700.

On October 4th at 1:03 am, Officer Parsons stopped a vehicle on Santa Fe Street near Rose Street. The male driver consented to a search and controlled substances were located. He was arrested. Case #19-2701.

At 7:45 am, Officer Wah responded to an auto burglary. The burglary occurred in the 200 block of Riverwood Circle and there were two victim vehicles. The windows were forced down. Loss was currency, credit cards and misc. property. Occurred between 10:00 pm last night and time of call. Officer Wah. Case# 19-2704.

At 9:00 am, Officer Wah observed a 67-year-old man and a 58-year-old man, both of Martinez, behind the businesses of 1160 Arnold Drive. Both are prohibited from this entire strip mall. They were arrested for trespassing and cite released from the scene. Case# 19-2706.

At 12:30 pm, officers were dispatched to Taco Daddy, 916 Main Street, for an intoxicated subject inside the restaurant. Officers contacted a 30-year-old man from Concord. The man was arrested for a felony $100,000.00 warrant for attempt robbery and a

misdemeanor $15,000.00 warrant for DUI. Booked MDF. Corporal Mayberry, Case# 19- 2709.

At 1:00 pm, a 31-year-old man from Martinez called dispatch from Quickstop to turn himself in on an outstanding arrest warrant. He was arrested for the misdemeanor $10,000.00 warrant for assault with a deadly weapon. Booked MDF. Officer Lucido, case# 19-2710.

At 8:27 pm, officers responded to Rite Aid (1165 Arnold Dr.) to investigate a report of an intoxicated man inside hitting the walls and placing a beer down his pants. Officers located the man walking in the area and arrested him for being drunk in public and violating his terms of probation. There was no damage to the store and he was booked into MDF. Officer Weems, case# 19-2713.

At 4:30 am, MPD detectives conducted a search warrant of a residence in Martinez and arrested an occupant for possession of controlled substances for sales.

At 7:30 am, Officer Lucido contacted a 32-year-old man from Martinez in the 1100 block of Arnold Drive. He had prior knowledge the man was wanted for a $3,500.00 misdemeanor warrant for possession of drugs and paraphernalia. Booked MDF. Case# 19-426.

On October 5th at 7:30 am, Corporal Mayberry observed smoke coming from the area behind the condos on Farm Lane. He discovered the field and trees were on fire. It was determined to be a homeless camp and no one was on scene. CHP received an anonymous 911 call that a person sleeping at this location reported someone threw a Molotov cocktail at them. An Arson Investigator responded. No buildings threatened and was less than an acre. Case# 19-2718.

At 4:30 pm, Officer Lucido stopped a vehicle on Morello Ave at SR-4. One of the men contacted was arrested for possession of meth and drug paraphernalia. Cite released. Case# 19-2720.

At 4:48 pm, Officer Wah contacted a 31-year-old man on Arnold Dr. at Shadowfalls. The man was found to be in possession of two sealed bottles of Jack Daniels. The man is a habitual thief and officers contacted the Lucky grocery store, which was one block away, to ascertain if a theft just occurred. The man had just shoplifted the alcohol and was arrested for theft and violating probation. Booked MDF. Case# 19-2721.

At 8:33 hours, Officer Angoco stopped a vehicle on Hwy 4 Near Alhambra Ave. and arrested the driver for driving under the influence of alcohol. She was booked into MDF. Case# 19-2722.

On October 6th at 6:00 am, Officer Wah responded to the 1900 block of Center Ave. for a stolen vehicle report. The 1992 Honda Accord was stolen sometime on October 4th. It was located abandoned in Concord. Case# 19-2723.

At 9:15 am, Officer Lucido contacted a 51-year-old man from Martinez, on Mellus at Court Street. The man was arrested for possession of meth. Cite released. Case# 19-2724.

On October 7th at 12:32 am, Officer Breinig saw a suspicious BMW parked in the rear portion of 3520 Pacheco Blvd. A white male adult fled from the car as Officer Breing was pulling up to the car. The car was a cold plated stolen car. MPD units were unable to locate the suspect Case# 19-2726

At 12:31 pm, officers responded to the county recorder’s office for a hit & run. The investigation revealed that the vehicle keys were stolen by a male while business was being conducted in the recorders. The vehicle owner tried to stop the male as he was leaving in her vehicle. The victim was hanging onto her vehicle when the male drove over an embankment and struck a tree. The male was identified on a Ring doorbell security system in the 800 block of Vine Hill Way. The male also stole another vehicle from that area and drove it to Target in Pleasant Hill, where he discarded it and took another vehicle by force. The male was ultimately apprehended in Concord and arrested for vehicle theft and carjacking. Case# 19-2732.

On October 8th at 2:44 am, Officer Voyvodich received an LPR alert on a stolen vehicle. Dispatch learned the vehicle was pursued to Alhambra Avenue by Hercules PD. Officer Lincoln located the vehicle as it entered westbound HWY 4. A pursuit ensued, but was soon terminated by Officer Lincoln for safety reasons. Case #19-2736.

At 2:19 pm, Officer Weems was flagged down at the bocce ball parking lot for a theft report. The victim’s wallet was taken from her vehicle. Case #19-2740.

At 6:58 pm, Officer Voyvodich responded to the 2300 block of Pacheco Boulevard for a subject who brandished a handgun as the victim walked by his residence. The suspect was identified. Case# 19-2742.

On October 9th at 1:30 am, Officer Voyvodich responded to a residence in the 1200 block of Ulfinian Way for a burglary report. The residence is vacant, and it appeared that an entry was attempted, but not completed Case# 19-2743.

Officer Winslett responded to the 1000 block of Maywood Lane to investigate a burglary to a garage. The victim reported an unknown suspect broke in to the garage between 9:30 pm on 10/8/19 and today at 7:00 am. The loss was a green wagon, Nike Pegasus shoes, and a Baseball cap. There are no suspect leads.

Officer Weems responded to the report of an intoxicated driver operating a vehicle in the parking lot of the Contra Costa Cinemas. He spoke to a witness that provided information on the suspect vehicle; Officer Weems made contact with the suspect after seeing her driving the car in the area. Officer Weems arrested the driver after determining she was under the influence of alcohol. She was booked into MDF for DUI.

Officer Voyvodich contacted an individual at Pacheco Blvd. at Howe Rd. who was found to have an outstanding arrest warrant; he was arrested and cited at the scene.

On October 10th at 11:37 am, Officer Weems responded to Super 8 Motel for a male that was trespassing. The male was contacted and arrested. Case #19-2753.

On October 11th at 4:23 am, Officer Voyvodich received an LPR alert in the 3500 block of Pacheco Boulevard for stolen vehicle. He located the vehicle at the 7-11 gas pump. There was a female asleep in the passenger seat. The vehicle was released to the owner and the sleeping female was released from the scene. Case #19-2756.

On October 13th at 3:43 pm, Sergeant Muncher investigated a storage locker burglary at Public Storage on Arnold Drive. The investigation lead to the recovery of the stolen items in an adjacent storage locker. The investigation is continuing. Case# 19-2783.

On October 15th at 6:33 am, Officer Buda took a vehicle burglary report at the John Muir Inn. The victim’s vehicle window was smashed and a laptop and IPod were taken. Case# 19-2787.

At 12:02 pm, Officer Weems responded to Contra Costa County Health Services on Allen Street for a hit and run that occurred in the parking lot. Case# 19-2791.

At 1:06 pm, Officer Winslett took a vehicle burglary report from a resident in the 1900 block of Redwood Drive. There was damage to the vehicle door and taken was an external tv and dvd player. Case #19-2792.

Thanks to Chief Manjit Sappal and Renee Jacobs of the the Martinez Police Department.

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