Column 1: We’re going to pot???

Martinez News-Gazette Columnist

WE’RE GOING TO POT??? Sounds like the decision has been made to sell ‘weed’ on Alhambra Avenue to make it convenient for purchasers. The decision by the City Council (4-0 with the Mayor recusing himself due to conflicts) has met with great concern (and surprise!) by the Martinez Unified School Trustees. Superintendent CJ Cammack said he was not consulted even though the site is adjacent to the District’s Adult School, and two blocks from Alhambra High School.

The location, one of four considered, received support from Mark Ross, realtor and Councilmember, who argued the new-looking store was good for school district property value on the adjacent property.

The cannabis firm, Embarc, is headed by George Miller IV.

THANKSGIVING is behind us for this year of, as always, many things for which we all can be grateful, but also for those we have regrets or sadness. We each can look to better times, and give each day our best try. No sincere trying, no success.

Grateful, but he/she does not know ‘grateful’, was the big white turkey (one of two named Bread and Butter) who received the official Presidential Pardon, a tradition started officially by the late President George H. W. Bush during his term with appropriate Rose Garden ceremonies at the White House. Beautiful, well-behaved bird in front of a large crowd, was the star of the event, along with its owner.

Let us hope that so many of the presidential ‘turkeys’ in this administration, including those already indicted and sentenced, and those with their justice still to be decided, are not given the same privilege of being pardoned. One pardon a year for a deserving big bird is plenty. In our humble opinion, of course. Gobble, gobble!!

FOLLOWING the 2020 ‘stuff? How could we not? Each day is a new poll showing the current numbers for each candidate. Have you picked a favorite yet? How did/do you do it? So many ideas on health coverage, etc. How do we sort the wheat from the chaff? Can’t?

I like some other ways to look at the umpteen contenders on the debate stage, as my aged humble opinion, of course:

• Guys who don’t tie their neckties well, and they look askew.

• Women who let their hair hang down over half their face and eyes.

• Those who say, “On my first day as President, I will…”

• Those who promise, “I will appoint people who will….”

• Debate stage candidates who defy the time limits and continue to talk past their time.

• Debaters who wave their hands and arms as they speak.

• Those on the stage who tend to dominate the conversation with their programs, to excess. (All on health care, though important!)

• Those solicitous to their fellow candidates.

Best of all for the debates, the moderators who attempt to do their jobs. Not easy with so many anxious candidates who aspire.

BASEBALL season is winding down for the majors. Now, talk is around town about another try at another team for our town. The first attempt failed as the sponsors failed, in bad ways. The Clippers sounded really good. Can we handle the MACKEREL? If those attempts are successful, can we begin to shout HOLY MACKEREL??

OH, YES!! For those Old Blues from Cal, who finally won the Big Game after 10 attempts. One of ten is not all that bad. Just ask my good Kiwanis friends like Maury Huguet, Cliff Egan, Tom Watrous, Dr. Norm McDonald, Linda Thurman, my wife, Jeanne, son, Rick, daughter, Cindy and, who have I overlooked? Happy Golden Bears after so many years.

Next year the stupid tree from down on The Farm will make a come back. Then, I will make a statement. Right now, no comment!

AS I CLOSE this Column 1 edition, with more to come, I must thank the Letters to the Editor from two readers who submitted their thoughts regarding the closing of the Gazette after 161 years.

Their thoughts and pleas were received by all of us at this historic publication with such gratitude, and thanks. Such expressions are priceless. Thank you, once again.

THE PIECE reprinted earlier from the Santa Cruz Sentinel regarding the worth of a newspaper was so appropriate. Very likely written by a contemporary of my grandfather, the late Senator Will R. Sharkey, publisher of this publication from 1906 to 1948, when he passed away. His good friend, Fred McPherson, was much like ‘Grandpa’. They were true newspapermen who believed in their place in providing the best news they could for the betterment of their communities and their readers. They lived their lives for what they believed was best, true and accurate for their readers. I knew them both. They were real news men! I would loved to have lived up to their standards.

CHEERS to our community as we approach the Christmas Season with all of its fun, glamour, good spirits and good will. May it all be genuine. And, may we all be mindful of those in our community who need our genuine good will and help. Please be one in our community who can, and do, help. God bless!

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