Martinez man arrested at Black Lives Matter mural for allegedly brandishing a weapon

(photo courtesy of ABC7)

Martinez Police Department Press Release

On July 5, 2020 at approximately 6:00 p.m., Joseph Osuna, 30, of Martinez, was driving past the permitted BLM mural located in the 700 block of Court.

Osuna yelled “All lives matter.” as he drove past the mural and a group of gathered citizens.  Osuna got out of his vehicle and began to argue with one of the citizens. During the argument Osuna brandished a loaded firearm at one of the citizens and the group dispersed. Osuana got back in his vehicle and started to leave the area.

The victim flagged down a Martinez Police officer who was passing by at the time and directed him to Osuna’s vehicle as it was leaving.  The officer along with other MPD officers stopped the suspect in the 600 block of Court Street without incident.

A .22 caliber revolver was located in the vehicle. Osuna was arrested for brandishing and possession of a loaded and concealed firearm in a vehicle.

He was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

14 Replies to “Martinez man arrested at Black Lives Matter mural for allegedly brandishing a weapon

  1. Amazing how the decision to allow a racist “mural” to be painted on a street paid for by ALL tax payers has not unified the community but is tearing it apart. Well done Martinez and thanks for showing the rest of the country what giving into the mob produces. If I were a tax payer I would demand to have that hate speech removed from a public city street.

    1. Sorry but You sound racist. I’m incredibly proud of martinez for stepping up and giving love to the black lives matter revolution! Of course all lives matter but they are the ones being targeted and repressed. And they need all of us to stand up and not tolerate hatred toward anyone. Share love for everyone regardless of their beliefs, but Anyone who doesn’t recognize that many are often treated with disrespect, you’re in denial. Scarcity breeds aggression people!! If you haven’t noticed, it’s not really your fault, maybe you haven’t been targeted or lived in poverty, or been harassed by police so it may be hard to understand. I don’t hate you for not agreeing with me.
      Love is key and sets us free.

  2. Many of the people that will be protesting are not peaceful but are hateful. How can we possibly allow such an assembly in our peaceful community. How can just a small community with a small police force begin to cope?
    I believe we are allowing a tragedy!!!

  3. Unbelievable, “peaceful” demonstrates who caused unrest of the community, who vandalized buildings, who demanded to defund the police, claimed themselves as victims and were sicking help from the police:/

  4. Black lives matter is a bunch of bullshit. People need to wake up. Stop acting like sheep being lead to slaughter. Question the narrative. Don’t believe the lies. BLM is a group of people being used as soldiers. Payed for by the DEMONCRAT.
    Funded by the rich and shady elites in the attempt to destroy America. They will stop at nothing to regain the White House. They want trump gone before exposes dark secrets.
    Statistic show that more unarmed white people die by police then black. Where are their names? Also why are the black on black violence and murder not important. Why do people resist the order of police if they know that cops are killers. Why this ,why that…. some answers would help. Love everyone and quit this racist agenda. Stop tearing shot up. Stop fighting. It just dumbass to do the crap.

    1. Finally, someone who found real information about BLM. BLM is supported by the same Americans who believed “Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction”. Americans are so gullible.

  5. Unity requires equal treatment for all. The city of Martinez has now established that a political organization seeking a change, like BLM, can now paint their name on a public street… at least in Martinez.
    If you saw the video the painters of the mural (all by the way white people except 1 person) said ALL lives do not matter. The only lives that can matter are black lives and when two residents disagreed the Contra Costa DA charged them with a hate crime. Painting over the BLM was wrong
    Seems that anyone who places one race as the top level race… the one that matters and insists that ALL lives do not matter is commiting a hate crime towards all other races, By stating verbally all other races do not matter yet that person was not arrested for a hate crime which was verbal and in writing. California’s Attorney general said ” written or verbal comments showing a prejudice” is a hate crime. Stating: ALL LIVES DO NOT MATTER IS SHOWING A PREJUDICE.
    Unity requires equal treatment for all.
    California and the nation elected a black president… a racist nation full of racist citizens could NEVER do that. A racist nation would not have many elected minority officials. NY City police are racist? The majority are minorities and that is true in many inner cities,
    Martinez could close down all entrances to the city allowing all residents to protest but the these protestors are flying in from other states where they have been demonstrating. The group organizing this is out of Richmond California yet they will not demonstrate in Richmond.
    Nearby is the Concord Naval Weapons Station now closed… thousands could go there and state their grievance as the City of Martinez is way too small. PEACEFUL IS GREAT… and some might be peaceful but thus far nationwide that is rare,
    DOWNTOWN will be destroyed by evil doers and while Martinez PD will call for mutual aid,,, AFTER the destruction and other evil doers will take advantage of no police available stealing and breaking into buildings elsewhere.
    The honest approach is to arrest everyone… white black or green does not matter each time they express hate because of the victims race.

    1. Blue lives matter, I carried a rifle for the right to demonstrate. Trump revitalized our police and military specifically so people can have the free will to prosper, read scripture and learn how to love your brother as yourself. Peace be with you, US Navy SeaBee

  6. I do believe that black lives matter; their mother’s, father’s, sister’s, brother’s; their families from the past and their children in the future! However, “Black Lives Matter” is an organization begun in 2012 that those who struggle with racial inequality have been taken over by and by whose agenda is anything but the value of black lives! Why don’t we see the value of the precious little 3 year old boy shot dead in his carseat! Why not compassion for the six year old girl holding her father’s hand while he was gunned down crossing the street? Why not the multiple young people killed for simply sitting in the park? Where is the compassion from BLM? If we don’t take the time to educate ourselves we are going to see Taliban Lives Matter painted on our streets! EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

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