Newsom announces California moving to stage 2 of reopening, will Contra Costa follow?

Gov. Newsom announced Monday afternoon plans to move the state into Stage 2 of reopening.
Following that announcement Contra Costa County Health Dept responded they will “keep tracking progress on our 5 key indicators decide when we’re ready to move on to the next stage of relaxing our current shelter-in-place restrictions,”
More interesting was the CCCHD saying “The Gov made it clear that locals can retain stricter policies based on local conditions.”
The 5 indicators the County is monitoring are: (I added the current data)
• Whether the total number of cases in the community is flat or decreasing; (7-day rolling average on April 6 was 33 new cases, has declined steadily to 5 new cases May 3)
• Whether the number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is flat or decreasing; (7-day rolling average peaked April 16 with 40, steadily declined to 20 hospitalized on May 3)
• Whether there is an adequate supply of personal protective equipment for all health care workers; (There is no data for PPE supplies, ICU occupancy rate is currently at 38 percent, ventilator utilization is 14 percent)
• Whether we are meeting the need for testing, especially for persons in vulnerable populations or those in high-risk settings or occupations; (In early April CCC tested 450 patients with a 9.5 percent positive rate, May 3, 530 tests were conducted and a  4 percent positive rate)
• Whether we have the capacity to investigate all COVID-19 cases and trace all of their contacts, isolating those who test positive and quarantining the people who may have been exposed. (No data available)

Contra Costa County lists 28 coronavirus deaths as of May 3. Zero deaths under 50 years of age. 16 of 28 deaths were over 80 years of age.

7 Replies to “Newsom announces California moving to stage 2 of reopening, will Contra Costa follow?

  1. If you cared to look at the statistics since the county health department started making them available, you will see a trend that cases are very low on weekends and revert to a more normal 20+ the rest of the week. So, the running average is flat to increasing when you look at the data. Naturally, you dumbasses are joining the goddamn chorus of “lets open everything up, we’re fucking bored”, so you’re twisting the stats to fit your argument. Contra Costa is doing “ok”, but we are by no means out of the woods. If the county would publish the case load by zip code, as SF and Alameda counties do, you would have a much better understanding of the risk.

    1. Most of the data is rolling 7 day average, which would eliminate the weekened drop you speak of, and those averages are in decline. The county does publish cases by city, but not clear why zip codes provided a clearer picture.

  2. Why doesn’t someone put up the same statistics for Flu next to Covid from the beginning of this year to now. We live in a dangerous world. There are ways to work with this but shutting things down is going to kill the life we once knew and took for granite.

  3. Too you herd immunity people! There is little evidence that this would be effective, more information is needed. One study says once infected you are immune and a study saying that test subjects were reinfected. That being said, herd immunity, not caused by a vaccine, kills people. Dispaportionantly killing at-risk groups. What are you asking for? Is it for your job or that you are bored that you are willing to kill people? Either way, is it worth people dying for your own self-centred ego?

  4. Can we stop using the comparison of the Flu versus Covid 19! Or let’s use the facts, not alternative facts, about the difference. 2018-2019 flu season deaths are a calculated number. The CDC takes the number of laboratory confirmed flu deaths, last flu season that was just of 7,000. They enter this number into a model that gets to the estimated flu season deaths of around 40,000. By all means, let us take the confirmed Covid 19 deaths of over 85,000 and enter that into the flu model, do you really want to go there?

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