Police blotter for April 1 – 15, 2018

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● On April 1st at 3:07 am, Officer Vasquez contacted and arrested a man for DUI on Kennedy Way near Adelaide Drive. Case# 18-746.

● At 11:11 am, officers responded to Starbucks (downtown) for theft of the tip jar. The suspect was located by Officer Leong and arrested for 484 PC (Petty Theft). Case# 18-747.

● At 12:54 pm, officers responded to Safeway (downtown) for a robbery in progress. Officer Russell followed the suspect to the 300 block of F Street, where he was arrested by Officer Leong for 211 PC (Robbery), 11377 H&S (Possess Controlled Substance) and 148 PC (Resist Peace Officer). Case# 18-748.

● At 8:16 pm, Officer Parsons responded to the 2100 block of Alhambra Avenue for a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital. The female driver was arrested for DUI. The male passenger was arrested for Public Intoxication. Case# 18-753.

● At 9:31 am, Sergeant Ferrer responded to the John Muir Inn for a man who had been involved in a prior theft. The man was arrested for 11350 H&S (Possess Heroin) and confessed to the prior thefts. Case# 18-758.

● On April 2nd at 9:45 am, Corporal Mayberry responded to Rankin Park for damage to the concession building. The suspect was arrested for 594 PC (Felony Vandalism). Case# 18-757.

● At 2:48 pm, Sergeant Gaul responded to Jack In The Box for a female sleeping in a vehicle. The female was arrested for 11350 H& (Possess Controlled Substance), 11377 H&S (Possess Controlled Substance) and 11375 H&S (Possess Pills w/out Prescription). Case# 18-761.

● On April 3rd at 8:30 am, Officer Leong investigated a possible DUI driver on Alhambra Avenue at Jones Street. The female driver was contacted at the marina and arrested for warrants. Case# 18-765.

● At 12:10 pm, officers were dispatched to AT&T wireless for an armed robbery. The two male suspects fled prior to police arrival. The loss was approximately $500.00 and 25-30 cell phones. Case# 18-769.

● At 2:00 pm, Officer Parsons stopped a scooter on Yellowstone Drive at Hidden Lakes Drive. The male rider was arrested for being unlicensed and possession of methamphetamine. Case# 18-771.

● At 5:00 pm, Corporal Mayberry contacted and arrested a woman at the marina for public intoxication. Case#18-775

● At 6:56 pm, Officer Parsons responded to a residence in the 3100 block of Ricks Avenue for a vehicle theft. The vehicle was taken from Amtrak between 3/29 and 4/4. Case# 18-778.

● On April 4th at 9:45 am, Officer Carney contacted a man sleeping in the 4000 block of Alhambra Avenue. The man was arrested for public intoxication and a probation violation. Case# 18-779.

● At 4:30 pm, Sergeant Gaul and Officer Carney were on foot patrol at the homeless encampments on Vista Oaks Drive. They arrested a man for possession of several syringes and pieces of tinfoil containing heroin. Case# 18-785.

● At 11:12 pm, Commander Ghisletta located a broken window at Al’s What Knot Shop on Escobar Street. No entry was made into the business. The corporation yard responded and secured the business. Case# 18-787.

● On April 6th at 7:39 pm, Sergeant Busciglio contacted a man at Estudillo Street and Marina Vista. Sergeant Busciglio had information the man had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and transported to MDF without incident. Case #18-800.

● On April 7th at 12:14 am, MPD dispatch advised the 7-11 on Morello Avenue had just been robbed by a white male adult using a handgun. The suspect fled the area on foot, and an extensive area check was conducted with negative results. The suspect stole between $40 and $70. Officer Vasquez took case #18- 804.

● At 1:19 am, units were dispatched to Bridgehead Road for a vehicle stuck on the tracks. Upon arrival, it was determined two people were involved in a verbal altercation, and the vehicle was driven onto the train tracks where it became stuck. It was also determined the driver was intoxicated prior to the altercation, which ultimately caused the vehicle to drive over the tracks. The tracks were shut down for approximately 45 minutes while waiting for a tow truck, and it was determined damage may have occurred to the tracks. Commander Roth, Sergeant Busciglio and Officer Montano worked case#18-806.

● At 10:21 am, Corporal Mayberry conducted a traffic stop in the 3000 block of Alhambra Avenue. The driver was driving a vehicle with a suspended license for a prior DUI. Corporal Mayberry arrested and later released him for 14601.2a CVC (Driving with a Suspended License). Case # 18-807.

● At 1:37 hours, MPD officers responded to Hidden Valley Park for a report of several shots being fired. Officers arrived and conducted an extensive search of the surrounding area but were unable to locate or identify a suspect. Four (4) 9mm shell casing were recovered from an area near the main lake. Shots appeared to have been directed towards the ground. No injuries were reported. Officer Buda took case # 18-808.

● At 11:18 pm, Pleasant Hill PD requested three units from Martinez PD to assist in a perimeter on the scene of a homicide. Units were on scene for just over an hour.

● While units were on scene in Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill PD requested that one MPD unit clear to assist in an injury accident on Chilpancingo Parkway at Old Quarry Road. Pleasant Hill PD had no units to assist. Officer Breinig cleared the homicide scene and along with Officer Vasquez, they responded to the scene. A woman from Pleasant Hill drove her vehicle west on Chilpancingo and hit a parked car. A person was standing in front of the parked car and was injured due to the impact. Some of the passengers in the woman’s vehicle were also injured. The driver of the car was arrested and booked into MDF for felony driving under the influence. MPD case# 18-810.

● On April 8th at 2:18 am, Officer Vasquez was coming from John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek after conducting follow up with the injured pedestrian from the accident on Chilpancingo Parkway. He saw a possible drunk driver on Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek and conducted a traffic stop. A man from Concord was arrested for driving under the influence. Case 18-811.

● At 2:39 pm, MPD officers responded to the area of Embarcadero Street and Berrellesa Street for a report of a grass fire. Six Consolidated Fire engines arrived and ultimately extinguish the fire which was determined to be within the jurisdiction of the East Bay Regional Parks District. No injuries and no structures were damaged. Inc # 1804080037.

● On April 9th at 1:18 am, officers responded to an alarm at TJ’s Café (3210 Pacheco Boulevard). Officer Montano arrived on scene and located a man walking quickly from the business. He was detained and the business’ front glass door was broken. The till was opened and empty. The man, from San Francisco, was on felony probation for burglary and probable cause was established to believe he had just broken in. He was arrested and booked into MDF. Case# 18-818.

● At 7:15 am, Officer Lincoln located an unoccupied stolen vehicle in the 100 block of Fig Tree Lane. The 2014 Nissan Verse was reported stolen to CHP Sacramento in 10/2017. Case# 18-819.

● Sergeant Gaul investigated the theft of a bicycle at Taco Bell. Video captured the theft and Sergeant Gaul recognized the suspect. He located the suspect in the 100 block of Berry Drive. The suspect admitted to the theft and directed officers to a homeless camp in Concord where the bike, minus the tires, was located. The victim wishes prosecution. Case# 18-799.

● At 1:30 pm, Officer Lincoln received a LoJack hit to his patrol car. Officer Voyvodich located the unoccupied vehicle in the 500 block of Falling Star. The 2000 Honda Accord was reported stolen today to San Francisco PD. Case# 18- 821.

● At 5:00 pm, a resident in the 1100 block of Heavenly Drive returned home and discovered the front door kicked in. Unknown loss at this time. It occurred between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Officer Parsons took case# 18-826.

● At 8:52 pm, Corporal Schnabel responded to the 1900 block of Center Avenue for a naked male in the back yard of a residence asking for help. While officers were responding, the male jumped the fence and was in the back yard of another residence on Center Avenue. Corporal Schnabel contacted the man and placed him on a mental health hold. Case# 18-828.

● On April 10th at 10:15 am, Officer Lincoln responded to the 1100 block of Ferry Street for a stolen vehicle report. The 1994 Ford Victoria was stolen yesterday between 8:30 hours and the time of call. Case# 18-835.

● At 9:05 pm, Corporal Schnabel was dispatched to Walmart for a subject passing a counterfeit $100.00 bill. He contacted the man and found he had several other counterfeit bills in his possession. The man was arrested and booked into MDF. Case# 18-841.

● On April 11th at 8:07 pm, Officer Breinig responded to Main Street and Ferry Street for a female crying hysterically. He contacted the woman and found she was intoxicated. She then spat on the officer. She was arrested for battery and public intoxication. Case # 18-847.

● On April 12th at 8:49 pm, Officer Breinig responded to Amtrak for the report of a man who ran behind the ticket counter then down a secured hall. The man was arrested for trespassing and a parole violation. Case# 18-852.

● At 10:36 pm, Officer Montano contacted a man in a vehicle in the area of Mill Road. He was arrested for a warrant. Case# 18-854.

● On April 13th at 5:45 pm, an accident occurred on Alhambra Avenue, along the west side of the Police Department. A vehicle was being driven on Alhambra Avenue and it struck the police department’s training car that was parked unoccupied. The driver was not injured and an accident report was taken by Corporal Mayberry. Case# 18-864.

● At 7:53 pm, a citizen reported a vehicle spinning donuts in the Yacht Club parking lot. Corporal Mayberry responded and located a similar vehicle leaving the Marina. The vehicle was stopped and the driver had no driver’s license. No citizen’s arrest was desired for the reckless driving. The man was cited for driving with no license and his vehicle was towed. Case# 18-865.

● At 10:14 pm, Officer Voyvodich stopped a vehicle and arrested the passenger for a felony warrant. He was booked into MDF. Case# 18-866.

● On April 14th at 4:09 pm, MPD officers responded to 700 Ferry Street (Ray’s Lounge) for a report an intoxicated woman. Officers arrived and contacted her. She was highly intoxicated but in the company of friends who volunteered to bring her home. At 5:11 pm, MPD officers responded to Miller Avenue for a report of the intoxicated woman being in a verbal fight with another person. Officers arrived and contacted her in the street. Officer Carney arrested her for 647(f) PC (Public Intoxication) and booked her into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF). Case# 18- 871.

● On April 15th at 2:15 am, officers responded to a report of a residential burglary in progress. A person was attempting to break in through a front window at a residence in the 100 block of Arana Drive. An intoxicated woman was contacted.

She lives at the residence, and she lost her keys. She was in the process of breaking her front window and had shattered one pane. She was unable to contact any friends or family and due to her intoxication, she was in no condition to continue breaking her window to gain entry into her residence without sustaining a major injury. She was arrested and booked into MDF for public intoxication. Officer Montano took case# 18-877.

● At 2:18 am, Commander Roth attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding and a short pursuit ensued. The suspect stopped on Franklin Canyon Road near Alhambra Avenue. He was intoxicated and was arrested for evading and driving under the influence of alcohol. His vehicle was towed and a baton was located during the inventory search. The resident of Crockett was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of an expandable baton. He was booked into MDF. Case# 18-876.

● At 12:03 pm, MPD officers responded to the area of Alhambra Avenue and A Street for a report of an intoxicated man. Officer Lincoln arrived and contacted a man from Brentwood. The man is on active probation and was highly intoxicated. Officer Lincoln arrested him for 647(f) PC (Public Intoxication), and he was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF). Case# 18-878.

● At 3:10 pm, Officer Parsons responded to the 1000 block of Escobar Street for a report of an intoxicated man. Officers arrived and contacted him. He was standing in the middle of the street yelling at pedestrians. Officer Parsons arrested him for 647(f) PC (Public Intoxication) and booked him into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF). Case# 18-880.

● At 3:13 pm, MPD officers responded to the 700 block of Kelly Avenue for a report of a stolen vehicle. The car (a 1998, White Honda Civic 4 door, Lic/7VWA999) was taken sometime during the night. Case# 18-881 was taken by Officer Lincoln.

● At 10:45 pm, Commander Roth was in the 3500 block of Pacheco Boulevard and made a U-turn to attempt contact with a green Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep sped out of the lot. Commander Roth attempted to catch up to the vehicle, but it was too far ahead of him and he could not catch up. Commander Roth later located the vehicle on Delacy Avenue, unoccupied, with the keys still in the ignition. Officers then conducted surveillance on the vehicle. A short time later, Officer Leong located the vehicle mobile and conducted a traffic stop. The man was found to be driving the vehicle without a valid CDL. He was cited and release at the scene, and the vehicle was towed. Case# 18-882 was taken by Officer Leong.

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