Police Blotter for Feb. 16-28, 2018


● At 9:23 am officers responded to the 400 block of Lassen Drive for the report of a flash and loud sound from a small explosion. Paper debris was located in the roadway. There was no damage located or any known injuries. The area was searched for witnesses and the suspect. Case# 18-391.

● At 4:18 am officers responded to a structure fire in the 400 block of Eastgate Lane. A kitchen grease fire had quickly spread. Consolidated Fire responded, contained and extinguished the fire. Case# 18-393.

● At 3:45 pm Officer Leong responded to a residence in the 1900 block of La Salle Street for a report of the theft of a truck tail gate. Case# 18-395.

● At 4:00 pm Officer Lincoln responded to a residence in the 1500 block of Berrellesa Street where someone had stolen the victim’s front bumper and grill from his vehicle. Case# 18-396.

● At 7:41 pm Officer Sanders responded to a vehicle collision at Alhambra Avenue and Franklin Canyon Road. One driver displayed signs of alcohol intoxication and was arrested. Case# 18-397.


● At 7:30 am Officer Lincoln arrested a man on Silva Court for a warrant. Case# 18-402.

● At 8:30 am Corporal Mayberry responded to a suspicious vehicle call in the area of Green Street and Carquinez Scenic Drive. A man was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, heroin, drug paraphernalia and stolen property. Case# 18-403.

● At 1:00 pm Corporal Mayberry arrested a homeless man at Amtrak for trespassing. Corporal Mayberry released the man to the CORE Team to arrange shelter and relocation. Case# 18-407.

At 9:42 pm Officer Montano responded to Ray’s Lounge for a disturbance. She contacted a man who had been in a fight. The other involved party had left prior to police arrival.

During the fight a window to a business was broken. The City Corporation Yard responded to cover the broken window. Case# 18-419.


● At 6:45 am Officer Carney recovered an unoccupied stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of Morello Avenue. Case# 18-421.

At 8:00 am Officer Buda responded to the 700 block of Arnold Drive for a report of a severed fuel hose to a Contra Costa County vehicle. The crime occurred sometime during the night. Case# 18-428.

● At 9:23 am MPD officers contacted a woman at 601 Marina Vista. She had a misdemeanor warrant for her arrest. Officer Voyvodich cite released her at the scene and CORE responded to provided services. Case# 18-430.

● At 1:32 pm Officer Carney responded to the area of Berrellesa Street and Green Street for a report of an injury vehicle collision. The collision resulted in an air bag deployment. Case# 18-432.

●At 3:05 pm MPD officers responded to 3500 Alhambra Avenue (Oil Express) for a report of a man down. Officers arrived and contacted a man who was too intoxicated to care for his own safety. The man was arrested for 647(f) PC (Public Intoxication) and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF).

● At 8:09 am Sergeant Moore responded to 1037 Arnold Drive (Home Depot) for a theft report. A man took a drill valued at $1,000 and fled the scene. The investigation is continuing. Case# 18-437.

● At 11:32 am MPD officers responded to Morello Avenue and Morello Heights Drive for a report of an injury accident. Two vehicles were involved and the air bags deployed in one of them. Sergeant Muncher took the report. Case# 18-438.

● At 11:00 pm a man was contacted at Chevron (1250 Morello Avenue). He had visible injuries and claimed he was involved in an altercation and his property was taken. He was uncooperative, and he did not want police involvement other than to attempt to get his property back. Officers contacted others at an apartment located on Hull Lane and they also were uncooperative. The man’s back pack was located and returned to him. Case# 18-440.

● At 12:06 pm Sergeant Ferrer responded to 1455 Arnold Drive for a report of a vehicle burglary. One of the vehicle’s windows was smashed sometime during the night. Case# 18-442.

● At 2:48 am Officer Montano responded to Lagunita Court for a report of a stolen white Ford F350 Lic/8W80948. Case # 18-443.

● At 5:22 am Officer Vasquez responded to 680 Center Avenue for a vehicle burglaryreport. Tools were taken from the vehicle. Case# 18-445.

● At 9:30 am Officer Parsons investigated a suspicious vehicle in the 100 block of Carquinez Scenic. He contacted a man and woman who were sleeping inside of the vehicle. The man was arrested for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. The man was cite released. Case# 18-447.

● At 11:30 am Officer Parsons responded to Marina Market for a trespassing violation. He contacted a woman from Fremont and she was arrested for trespassing. Case# 18- 448.

● At 1:30 pm Corporal Mayberry stopped a vehicle on Alhambra Avenue at E Street. He contacted the driver and the man was arrested for driving with a suspended license for DUI. He was cite released. Case# 14-449.


● At 7:30 am the bartender from Whiskey Lane called to report a patron pulled her hair, struck her several times and refused to leave the bar. Corporal Mayberry, Officer Voyvodich and Officer Parsons arrived on scene and contacted a woman from Fremont.

She began to swing her fists at the officers and kicked them several times before she was detained. She was booked into MDF for battery on the bartender and the officers. Officer Parsons took the report. Case# 18-454.

● At 12:00 pm Officer Lincoln attempted to stop a vehicle for a mechanical violation on Pacheco Boulevard near Shell Avenue. The driver failed to yield and Officer Lincoln pursued. Due to the minor infraction the pursuit was terminated. However, the driver stopped in a parking lot on Shell Avenue at Marina Vista. Officers detained him. The man is on parole for terrorist threats. He was arrested for evading, drug intoxication and the parole violation. He was booked into MDF. Case# 18-458.

● At 8:48 pm there was a report of a woman going into a garage in the 700 block of Shell Avenue. Officers arrived and she was gone. An area check was made and she was located on Shell Avenue at Monterey Avenue. She was arrested for disorderly conduct (drunk in public) and booked into MDF by Officer Montano. Case# 18-460.

● At 7:00 am officers responded to Marina Vista and Alhambra Avenue for a possibly intoxicated subject. Officer Parsons contacted a man who resides in Martinez. The man was arrested for drug intoxication and booked into MDF. Case# 18-462.

● On 2/5/2018 Corporal Mayberry was involved in a pursuit of a motorcycle. The pursuit was terminated but the suspect was identified. Today at 8:00 am we conducted a probation search at his residence on Sierra Avenue. He is on probation for drug sales.

The man was arrested for the pursuit and meth was found in his pocket. The probationsearch of his room resulted in the discovery of loaded magazines, additional ammo and controlled substance. One of the bedrooms appeared to be converted to grow marijuana, but was not in process. The man was booked into MDF. Case# 18-301.

● At 12:30 pm one of the license plate readers picked up a stolen 2005 Nissan Murano. It was reported stolen to CHP Oakland the prior date. PA Espinosa located the vehicle as it parked at the intersection of Main Street and Las Juntas. A high risk stop was completed without incident. One of the occupants was the victim who said the vehicle was located in San Pablo. They contacted San Pablo PD who instructed them to go to the CHP office in Martinez. Officer Parsons took the report. Case# 18-465.

● At 2:00 pm a robbery occurred in the 200 block of Robinson Street. A Round Table Pizza deliveryman was confronted by a man who demanded money and pizza. The suspect had one hand in a jacket and feared he may have a gun or knife, but none was seen. The suspect fled the area in a Lexus. Investigation continuing. Officer Parsons took the report. Case# 18-470.

● At 4:30 pm a woman from Martinez arrived at MPD to discuss her vehicle being towed.

It was revealed she wanted for a misdemeanor $5,000.00 warrant for traffic violations. She was cite released by Corporal Mayberry. Case #18-471.

● At 9:25 pm MPD officers responded to 3314 Alhambra Avenue (Buon Aroma) for a report

of a man drinking in front of the store. Officers contacted the man and found he was highly intoxicated and subsequently arrested him for 647(f) PC (Public Intoxication). The man was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF) by Officer Brinser.

Thanks to Chief Manjit Sappal and Renee Jacobs of the the Martinez Police Department.

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