Police Blotter for May 16-31, 2018

On May 16th at 1:14 am Officer Parsons and Officer Breinig had a man flee from them on a bicycle in the downtown area. They re-contacted the man in the 600 block of Berrellesa Avenue, where a brief struggle ensued and the man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Case# 18-1122.

On May 17th at 12:20 am Officer Parsons contacted and arrested a man in the 3700 block of Alhambra Avenue for a warrant. Case# 18-1132.

At 11:19 am Detective Williamson attempted to contact a man who ran from him in the 1400 block of Shell Avenue. The man ran behind a residence in the 2400 block of Olive Street. The man was arrested on a warrant. Case# 18-1136.

At 4:24 pm Officer Winslett responded to Home Depot for an auto burglary where the window was smashed and a backpack and bluetooth speaker were taken. Case# 18-1139.

At 8:12 pm Corporal Mayberry saw two men arguing in front of Quik Stop on Alhambra Avenue. Officer Mayberry pulled into the parking lot, at which time one of the men left in a vehicle. Further investigation revealed the argument was over one driver being cut off. During the argument the man brandished a knife. That man was not located. Case# 18- 1140.

On May 18th at 9:10 am Officer Winslett responded to the 5000 block of Gloucester Lane for a residential garage burglary. It occurred overnight. The stolen items included gift cards and paperwork. Case# 18-1143.

Officer Leong responded to Copart for a stolen vehicle report. A 2007 BMW 335I was stolen from the front of the business on 4/19/2018. Case# 18-1146.

Officers responded to the 500 block of Alhambra Avenue for a strong arm robbery. The suspect pushed the victim down and stole her purse and cell phone. He then fled on foot. He was not located but has been identified. The investigation is continuing. Officer Leong took case# 18-1147.

At 2:30 pm Officer Buda stopped a vehicle on Alhambra Avenue and Truitt Avenue. He contacted the driver, a 23-year-old resident of Pleasant Hill. Officer Buda found he was in possession of an unregistered firearm and a controlled substance. Case# 18-1148.

At 5:00 pm officers responded to the area of 50 Douglas Drive for the report of a person chasing another person with a gun. The suspect is known but fled prior to officer arrival. The investigation is continuing. Corporal Poertner took case# 18-1149.

At 5:15 pm Sergeant Gaul responded to the Hope House for a person looking into windows. Sergeant Gaul contacted a 23-year-old man. He was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. He was cite released. Case# 18-1150

At 10:02 pm Corporal Mayberry located a man laying down in the dirt near Ferry Street and Escobar Street. The man was determined to be unable to care for his safety due to his level of alcohol intoxication. He was booked into the Martinez Main Detention Facility (MDF). Case# 18-1151.

At 10:04 pm officers responded to a residential fire at 3865 Raap Avenue. The residence caught fire and no one was home when officers arrived. Officers forced entry through the front door and windows to rescue a dog and her eight newborn puppies. The fire is believed to have started in the rear of the residence, and the cause may have been an issue with the water heater. Case# 18-1152.

On May 19th at 3:46 am Corporal Mayberry stopped a vehicle at 3935 Alhambra Avenue and inside was a man with outstanding warrants. The man was arrested and booked into MDF. Case# 18-1153.

At 9:20 pm Officer Montano contacted a man in the 3000 block of Howe Road. The man is on parole and was in possession of a controlled substance. He was arrested and booked into MDF. Case# 18-1158.

At 11:24 pm Corporal Mayberry saw a man at Marina Market at 735 Escobar Street. The man had been warned prior about trespassing (Martinez Muni Code). He was arrested and booked into MDF. Case# 18-1159.

On May 20th at 2:26 am officers responded to a hit and run at Morello Avenue and Vine Hill Way. The vehicle had struck a telephone pole in the intersection and sustained major front end damage. The pole sustained minor damage and PG&E was notified. No one was in the vehicle or surrounding area. The vehicle was cold and appeared to have been there for a while. The owner was not at home nor answered his cell phone. The vehicle was towed, investigation continuing.

At 5:05 am Corporal Mayberry contacted a man who had a felony warrant for his arrest. The man was arrested and booked into MDF.

At 6:45 am Corporal Poertner responded to the Marina for a stolen vehicle report. The owner’s 2002 Ford F250 was stolen. Also stolen was a 1999 U-Haul trailer that was attached to it which had a 1981 De Lorean on it. Case# 18-1164.

At 8:00 am Officer Lincoln responded to the 2200 block of La Salle Street. Sometime during the night a suspect attempted to steal a 2002 Ford F250. Case# 18-1165.

At 9:00 am Officer Lincoln responded to Susana Street Park. Sometime overnight a suspect wrote racist comments on the benches and signs in the park. The Corp Yard responded immediately and removed the graffiti. Case# 18-1166.

At 11:30 am Officer Carney responded to the HOA pool for Village Oaks on Willow Creek Lane for a stolen bike. The 14-year-old left the bike unlocked for 5-10 minutes and when he returned it was gone. At 3:00 pm Officer Carney observed a subject riding the possible stolen bike on Muir Station Road. He contacted the 41-year-old man from Martinez. Officer Carney confirmed this was the stolen bike and arrested the suspect for possession of stolen property and violating probation. He was booked into MDF. Case# 18-1168.

At 12:30 pm Officer Lincoln stopped a vehicle on Monterey Avenue at Wyoming Street.

The driver was arrested for possession of meth and drug paraphernalia. He was cite released. Case# 18-1170.

At 4:00 pm a large oak tree fell across Vine Hill Way in the 700 block. No vehicles or structures damaged, but the roadway was closed while the Corp Yard removed the tree.

At 8:56 pm Corporal Mayberry made a traffic stop at F Street and Castro Street. He made contact with the driver, and he determined that the man was driving under the influence. The man was arrested and booked into MDF. Case# 18-1174.

At 10:11 pm Officer Williamson was dispatched to the cinemas for a possible auto burglary in progress. The caller heard a widow break and saw suspects running away thru the parking lot. Officer Williamson located two cars that had broken windows, but there was no loss from either vehicle. The suspects were not located. Case# 18-1175.

On May 21st at 1:21 pm a resident came to the PD to report a verbal altercation that occurred between him and some individuals at Susana Street Park. The resident then left the PD and while walking home he was approached by four subjects. One of those subjects punched the victim. The investigation is continuing. Case# 18-1181.

On May 22nd at 1:29 pm Sergeant Salamid was on foot patrol in the 700 block of Berrellesa Street, and he contacted a man with a no bail misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. The man was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF). Case# 18-1186 was taken by Officer Angoco.

At 2:02 pm Detective Miller contacted a woman who had a cite and release warrant for her for her arrest. Detective Miller cited her at the scene and released her. Case# 18-1187.

On May 23rd at 1:29 pm Sergeant Salamid contacted and arrested a woman at the marina for a warrant. Case# 18-1193.

On May 25th at 1:25 am Officer Parsons conducted a traffic stop. The male driver and female passenger were both arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Case# 18-1207.

At 6:30 am a male and two females stole 4 power tools from Home Depot before fleeing in dark colored vehicle. Case# 18-1208.

At 4:00 pm Officer Winslett responded to a suspicious vehicle call at Lucky’s. A man was arrested for a warrant. Case# 18-1214.

At 10:23 pm Corporal Mayberry contacted a man during a traffic stop. The man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Case# 18-1216.

At 11:21 pm Corporal Mayberry attempted a traffic stop at Hwy 4 and Morello Avenue. A short pursuit ensued. The driver, a male juvenile, lost control of the vehicle and went into an open field. The juvenile was arrested for evading and possession of Marijuana for sale. Case# 18-1217.

At 5:00 pm Officer Buda arrested a man for public intoxication at F Street and Alhambra Avenue. Case# 18-1222.

At 2:15 pm Officer Leong responded to 7-11 in the 4100 block of Alhambra Avenue for a theft. Detective Miller located the responsible male suspect walking on HWY 4, where he was arrested for the theft. Case# 18-1224.

On May 28th at 2:00 pm, Officer Lincoln responded to a residence in the 100 block of Warren Street, where an unknown suspect stole the resident’s car battery. Case# 18-1230.

At 4:40 pm officers responded to the Nob Hill Center for a man stealing a vehicle. The vehicle’s owner jumped on the hood of the vehicle during the attempted theft. The suspect stopped and fled on foot into an apartment complex in the 600 block of Center Avenue. An extensive area check was conducted, but the suspect was not located. Case# 18-1231.

At 9:17 pm Officer Breinig conducted a traffic stop at Marina Vista Avenue and Alhambra Avenue. While speaking outside the vehicle with the male driver, the female passenger refused to stay in the vehicle despite Officer Breinig’s requests for her to stay in the vehicle. The female passenger was ultimately detained in handcuffs. In the process of detaining the female passenger, the male driver grabbed Officer Breinig’s arm. Officer Breinig was able to escape the driver’s arm grab while turning him around and directing him to the ground. A short time later Officer Breinig learned the driver was responsible for a hit and run collision in the 700 block of Escobar Street, and he was fleeing that scene when Officer Breinig made the traffic stop. Both subjects were arrested. The male was booked into jail. Case# 18-1232.

On May 29th at 7:29 am Officer Angoco took a stolen vehicle report from a resident in the 1200 block of Arnold Drive. Case# 18-1236.

At 10:13 am Officer Lincoln conducted a traffic stop in the area of Muir Road and Elderwood Drive. He arrested the female driver for an out of state warrant. Case# 18- 1237.

At 10:54 pm Corporal Schnabel made a traffic stop at Palm Avenue and Vista Way. He arrested the female driver for an outstanding warrant. Case# 18-1243.

On May 30th at 1:00 am Officer Parsons made a traffic stop at Alhambra Avenue and Kim Court. The car contained six occupants. One of the occupants was a female juvenile who was listed as a missing person and also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. She was removed from the missing persons system (MUPS) and arrested. Three other occupants were arrested for drug related charges. Case# 18-1245.

At shift change, briefing learned of a kidnapping and carjacking that occurred on 5/27/18, but was not reported until 5/29/18. The suspect knew the victim. The vehicle was parked on Canyon Way as surveillance was set up and follow up investigations were being completed. Detective Lekse learned the suspect was staying at the Quality Inn. Officers detained several subjects as they were leaving the inn, and the suspect was arrested. Case# 18-1244.

At 1:07 pm Commander Roth located a stolen vehicle on Carquinez Scenic Drive. This incident appears to be a civil issue related to non-payment for the vehicle. Case# 18-1254.

At 7:58 am Officer Winslett responded to the Christ Lutheran Church for a burglary. Entry was made through a window and an office door was forced opened. Two computer monitors were taken. Case#18-1259.

At 10:04 am Officer Voyvodich responded to Martinez Jr. High for threats written in the girl’s bathroom stating they would shoot the school on Friday. The graffiti was removed prior to police arrival. The district administration office was contacted and the threat was deemed to be not credible. Case# 18-1262.

At 10:22 am Officer Winslett responded to Nob Hill Foods for a suspicious person. A man was contacted and arrested for a warrant. Case# 18-1263.

At 11:00 am officers were dispatched to Home Depot for a possible theft. Sergeant Gaul located the suspect vehicle on Morello Avenue at SR-4. He contacted the man and found him to be in possession of numerous credit cards and ID’s. One confirmed stolen at this time. He was also arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. Cite released. Case# 18-1264.

Thanks to Chief Manjit Sappal and Renee Jacobs of the the Martinez Police Department.

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