Sea Scout Open House Saturday

The public can visit the 85-foot Sea Scout Ship Albatross and take tours of the museum inside the Sea Scouts’ base from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at 225 N. Court St., when the Sea Scouts will have an open house, free food and demonstrations of such nautical skills as a rope climb, uses of the bosun’s chair, a ring buoy toss and a heaving line toss. Scouts also will participate in a water barrel fill race. Those visiting the Albatross will get a chance to learn how to tie various knots, how to use a compass and how to put on water “Gumby” suits. Children will receive swag bags and prizes, and the youngsters also may play a floating duck game, said Executive Officer Deanne Kelsey.

(photos by Robert Perry/Martinez News-Gazette)

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    I was in Sea scouts in the 80’s The Albatross was a beached ship that did not float. It was donated to my crew by the Howard Hughes foundation. It took us kids our whole summer of hard work to get her back in the water again we stuffed any materials we could find… News papers, sheets clothes and lots of calk, putty, Bondo and paint filled her hall and put her in the water after we were sure she would float again we took her on a two week cruise on my birthday btw and the island we went to was deserted except for a tiny tiki hut with a huge helipad near by which they
    flew a 80’s band named Quarterflash to perform for us when we arrived. The oldest on the ship was 18. There was 12 of us aboard. Another ship named the Lorelei nick named our ship The Albatrash. In turn we nick named the Lorelei (The whore Alive) kids will be kids . The Albatross was 85ft. I learned a lot in Sea scouts one of my best childhood experiences.

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